If you weren’t born in the era of technology, then you remember what the world was like before social media. You even know what the world was like before the internet. When we wanted to share information, we’d call one another on the phone or meet up in person. Looking back, it’s mind blowing how far we’ve come as a society. Now, the world has become smaller; we’re more connected than ever. With the influence of technology, this also means marketing has changed. But how? Here are six ways marketing has changed forever.

It’s all about the customers

It’s always been about the customers, but they were never in control. Today, customers decide how they want to consume advertising. If they liked an ad on Facebook, they can like it. If they don’t like an ad, they skip it. Through these small actions by consumers, they have direct power in how they wish to receive information. Analytics drives the marketing world now, not companies.

The medium has changed

Of course, we still use phones, read newspapers, and listen to the radio. But not to the extent as we did before. Marketing has significantly changed due to the introduction of technology. Online ads, blogs, and affiliate marketing are now necessary if a brand wants to get any attention from potential customers.

Marketing is social

Before, marketing was was extremely direct and one-sided. This is because companies had consumer control. But now that the tables have turned so has the way marketers get their message to the public. Before, when you watched an ad on display homes, for example, you knew someone was trying to sell you a house. But now, marketing has become social. Whether it’s on Pinterest or Instagram, marketers can provide a more personal experience, making it more of a conversation.

The introduction of options

Who doesn’t love having options? Old school marketing gave you a couple of different marketing options, resulting in you putting all your eggs in one basket. However, because of technology, the marketing strategy has not only changed, but it’s opened up. Whether it’s content, emails, or social media, the options are now endless.

Content matters

Back in the day, if you wanted to know something, you went to the library and picked out a book. But today, anything you want to know is available online. Content is now being created by brands and companies who directly want to connect with their audience. Through high-quality and engaging content, brands can answer questions and inform their audience.

Marketing is cost-effective

If you wanted to market your company ten years ago, you needed a large budget. However, marketing is now on an equal playing field. Whether you choose to write high-quality content or advertise through social media, you can gain attention without spending a dime. Since marketing is now cost-effective, companies can test out various strategies, seeing which fits best.

As you see, marketing has significantly changed with the help of technology. But this is just the beginning. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s clear the future is looking bright.