It goes without saying that as time moves on, so too does the way of the world. Throughout history, every evolution has been met with a revolution in the way that we exist as a species. The world is becoming more digitally-inclined over time. This is not necessarily anything new, but the pace at which this is occurring is decidedly unfamiliar. Digitalisation and technological advancement are becoming more and more dominate in the modern world. Everything from the way we interact and work, to the way that we consume and market (and everything in between) has fundamentally changed as time has moved us on.

In the case of the evolution of marketing, for example, the gravitational pull we are currently experiencing is pivoting definitively towards digital marketing prospects (think content marketing or social media marketing, to name a few examples). Specifically, social media marketing is considered today to be a leading marketing concept in the digital era, and it is only proving to continue its long-winded upscale of success and longevity in the world of business and respective marketing.

Social media blossoms from personal platforms to worldwide business strategy

Social media was initially designed solely to be a network of online platforms for social communication on a global scale. Before social media, communication across oceans was costly and time-consuming. When social media platforms like Myspace, Bebo, and Facebook first entered the mainstream, they were expected to remain in their lane. However, over time it became increasingly clear that social media was going to be useful for more than global personal communication on an instantaneous level.

A new generation demands new forms of outreach

The younger generations are now at the age where they are effectively forming the majority of the global marketplace. These generations, these consumers, are more actively engaged virtually than they are realistically. A lot of the time, this means that they are more invested in aspects of their lives like social media, than connection in real-time. Because they are so familiar with digitalisation and technologies, this is a generation that demands technology to be present in all aspects of their lives – including how they consume and market. Social media marketing allows consumers to get their fix on the go, and businesses to have a strong connection with their audiences via a marketing strategy that effectively places them in the thick of the action, always. In short, social media marketing is a real win-win strategy.

Social media marketing as we step further into the digital age

We have been standing on the edge of the digital age for quite some time now, but now we are approaching the point where the digital age is going to completely saturate modern (and future) life. In this newfound age, there are many ways that businesses can work to make social media marketing work for them as a leading business strategy. Whether they start out by ensuring they buy Instagram followers from Famoid, or get to work creating an air-tight strategy of seemingly personal connection with their consumers via social media, the one certainty is that social media works as a modern marketing tactic. And it works well. The future for digital marketing is bright, and social media marketing is leading the charge into that future.