When it comes to technological advancement, there has been infiltration around the globe, in practically every industry, every facet there is. Marketing has welcomed SEO services into the fold, strengthening modern businesses time and again in the process. Medicine, healthcare, education, and security have all been infiltrated by automation and technological innovations designed to make them easier, smarter, stronger, and faster. The rise of worldwide technology has changed everything – even how we work. Thanks to technology and digitalisation, the days of having no choice but to work in an office are long gone.

While working in a traditional office setting will likely always appeal to some people, there are those of us who feel like an office is a place of constriction, rather than a space of free-flowing creativity and professional development and expression. Until relatively recently, there were only a select [very] few careers that allowed for consistent travel and work at the same time. Thanks to the internet and technological efficiency, however, practically anyone can work practically anywhere in the world – all one needs is a laptop and a reliable Wifi connection, and the rest is history. Welcome to the age of the remote workforce.

The rise of the remote workforce has brought with it the long-overdue realisation on the part of companies and industries alike that, to have the best team, one must open the pool of possibility to the world, rather than strictly local talent. The remote workforce allows for geographical existence to be not a setback, but a force of power. It is something that people have been growing more excited over as the modern workforce balloons in popularity. Through technology, the remote workforce became not just a possibility, but a stark reality for millions of people around the world.

Today, working from home is something that more and more businesses and industry positions allows for. There is a certain growing realisation that the best person for the job not only may not live in the immediate vicinity of the company’s offices, but that this same individual may have a different working style than the company is used to. Now, companies are realising that in giving their employees geographical and stylistic freedom, they are being rewarded with their workers’ best work possible, because those same workers are their happiest selves. The logic is airtight, the meaning quite simple.

The traditional workforce meant that individuals had to choose between working and earning an income, and travelling. As a result of this, people would work hard all year, and spend a lot – if not all – their savings on vacations that lasted nothing more than a week or two. The rise of the remote workforce, however, takes this traditional ideal of working and puts its own twist on it…and people are loving it. Thanks to the technologies that made it all possible, career-driven individuals are now able to join the growing remote workforce, putting their talent and their ideal lifestyle together to enjoy the utmost quality of life while enjoying their career projection surges onward.