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Month: February 2019

Five Digital Marketing Tips Every Singaporean Company Needs


Digital marketing is hot right now—and for good reason. There are countless ways to optimize your performance and audience reach through techniques that fall under the digital marketing umbrella. You would be surprised how many benefits come from putting in the time and effort to have an effective digital marketing presence.

Invest In Your SEOIt’s Worth It   

SEO is something you might as well do. It has the power to have your page rank higher for keywords that you are looking to rank for. This means that with the right strategy, your page could pop up on the first page of Google. Keyword research is something you don’t want to neglect doing. This is a way to gain insight into what keywords you have the ability to optimize for. You don’t want to neglect some of the SEO strategies that can boost your website to the audience that is searching for it. 

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to do the Heavy Lifting

Agencies are gaining more and more traction in 2019. Agencies allow you to outsource all your digital marketing to the experts in the field. What better way to get the most out of your marketing budget? A good digital marketing agency will give you the benefit of having experts conduct your digital marketing strategy to the fullest. They will be on top of industry trends and able to get your company ahead of the ever-changing digital marketing curve. If you are serious about the best digital marketing, hire an agency to get the job done.

Take Advantage of Social Media Advertising Platforms  

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising have the power to make your company a lot of money with their ability to reach your target audiences. These advertising platforms are way more effective than commercials and billboards when it comes to reaching your specific audience. You can really hone in on targeting and making a compelling call-to-action with their advertising abilities. 

Update Your Company Blog Regularly  

You may think your blog isn’t going anywhere or doesn’t matter, but that isn’t the case. Your blog has the potential to make your company an expert on a variety of topics that you write about. It also gives you more opportunity to rank for other keywords. This is something that many companies see as a waste of time, but they’re wrong. Your blog can set you apart from other industry players.

Have Impeccable Branding to Back it All Up

Your website won’t mean anything when people click on it if it doesn’t have great design. Make sure you hire a team to focus on branding and creative when looking at your ads, web design and content. You want to be paying to promote content you are proud of, not a dated poorly designed website.

These are all tips that will make your company stand out in the ever-growing digital space. Make sure to keep them in mind when moving forward with your marketing budget.

SEO: A Game of Strategy


An online presence is of crucial importance today as the internet is a major source of income for businesses. But a website, by itself, is of no use unless it is viewed and viewable to the maximum extent. Search engines employ algorithms to choose the most relevant responses to consumer queries on specific information, products and services and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boosts the ranking and online visibility of a website. The relevance of an effective SEO strategy and the role of marketing agencies such as First Page in generating traffic, leads and sales cannot, therefore, be overstated.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is especially relevant for large websites as it tells the search engine all about the website. A clean code, optimized tags, proper indexation and sitemaps help the search engines to explore the website; while decent page speed prevents intermittent bounces. Much of technical SEO is a part of website design and development, making it incumbent on the web developers to understand the interplay between website design, development and SEO.

On-site SEO

The website should be optimized both, at macro level and individual page level. A well-structured content hierarchy is the starting point of a website. The other focus areas are keyword research to understand language of the target audience, descriptive URLs to ensure that each URL is simple, page titles to use keywords within the page title and meta-descriptions to drive clicks.


Content is king and a website is merely a wrapper for the content. The website content should not only introduce the business, but also assist the prospective customers to achieve their goals. The content should be useful, compelling and unique. It should be optimized for long-tail keyword phrases consisting of more than 3 words as long-tail keywords drive more traffic and can be ranked easily. The content can be divided into three categories, viz. service content, credibility content and marketing content. Service content should delineate what you do, credibility content should throw light on why a prospect should engage with your business and marketing content should position you as an expert in the concerned business. Target keywords should be included in the title and body of the web page, and possibly in the URL of the website. The title tag should replicate the main keyword at the beginning of the page as the first 64 characters of the title tag are displayed as the link on Google search results. Meta descriptions should include 1-2 keyword phrases describing the content of the page.

Off-site Authority

Authority building is the goal of all SEO efforts. Authority building largely involves link building and this is the most difficult aspect of getting the SEO strategy right. Links are a crucial component in developing strong organic rankings and it is therefore makes eminent sense to get your link philosophy dialed in at the very start.

To conclude, a right SEO strategy will pave the way to top rankings and success of a business in today’s digital age.

The Rise of Worldwide Technology Leads to Remote Workforce


When it comes to technological advancement, there has been infiltration around the globe, in practically every industry, every facet there is. Marketing has welcomed SEO services into the fold, strengthening modern businesses time and again in the process. Medicine, healthcare, education, and security have all been infiltrated by automation and technological innovations designed to make them easier, smarter, stronger, and faster. The rise of worldwide technology has changed everything – even how we work. Thanks to technology and digitalisation, the days of having no choice but to work in an office are long gone.

While working in a traditional office setting will likely always appeal to some people, there are those of us who feel like an office is a place of constriction, rather than a space of free-flowing creativity and professional development and expression. Until relatively recently, there were only a select [very] few careers that allowed for consistent travel and work at the same time. Thanks to the internet and technological efficiency, however, practically anyone can work practically anywhere in the world – all one needs is a laptop and a reliable Wifi connection, and the rest is history. Welcome to the age of the remote workforce.

The rise of the remote workforce has brought with it the long-overdue realisation on the part of companies and industries alike that, to have the best team, one must open the pool of possibility to the world, rather than strictly local talent. The remote workforce allows for geographical existence to be not a setback, but a force of power. It is something that people have been growing more excited over as the modern workforce balloons in popularity. Through technology, the remote workforce became not just a possibility, but a stark reality for millions of people around the world.

Today, working from home is something that more and more businesses and industry positions allows for. There is a certain growing realisation that the best person for the job not only may not live in the immediate vicinity of the company’s offices, but that this same individual may have a different working style than the company is used to. Now, companies are realising that in giving their employees geographical and stylistic freedom, they are being rewarded with their workers’ best work possible, because those same workers are their happiest selves. The logic is airtight, the meaning quite simple.

The traditional workforce meant that individuals had to choose between working and earning an income, and travelling. As a result of this, people would work hard all year, and spend a lot – if not all – their savings on vacations that lasted nothing more than a week or two. The rise of the remote workforce, however, takes this traditional ideal of working and puts its own twist on it…and people are loving it. Thanks to the technologies that made it all possible, career-driven individuals are now able to join the growing remote workforce, putting their talent and their ideal lifestyle together to enjoy the utmost quality of life while enjoying their career projection surges onward.

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