We may not necessarily realise it, but design is all around us. We are constantly actioning design concepts and choices in our lives. Whether it be the decision to choose and send flowers, buy a new shirt, listen to our favourite song in the car, or read our favourite book in the bath, we are constantly designing our live, picking and choosing the accents that appeal to us most, that we want to incorporate into the grand design of our whole lives. The greatest design concept? Our homes. Our homes are our personal living space, we spend our down time there, we want them to be material expressions of our personal design preferences.

Every year, home design trends rise and fall out of the limelight, and 2019 is no different. This year, as it happens every year, has seen the fall out of some of 2018’s most loved designs. And again, as it happens every year, there has been a whole new arsenal of home design winners to slot into their place. The nature of the home design landscape is that it is always moving, forever introducing the next great innovation to the world. This year, it is all about taking inspiration from the natural world. There three design concepts that are trending for 2019 are bold, brave, exciting, and stunning.

Living coral

Pantone named ‘living coral’ as its chosen colour of the year this year, and ever since it has been the trend that has picked up more and more traction, becoming a fan favourite. The pinky-orange colour has been carefully curated to mimic that of thriving ocean coral, and it is the perfect balance of bright vibrancy and natural glory. Best used in collaboration with colours like navy blue, pinks, and crisp white tones, living coral is the pick of 2019’s top three that is most likely to outlive its year in the limelight. A vibrant colour statement, it is not difficult to understand why this colour choice has captured the world’s attention.

Organic shapes

Last year, we saw botanic tones and vibrant wallpapers featuring flora come into play again. These are slowly fading out (especially the bold plant prints), or at the very least being utilised in heavy collaboration with organic shapes. From vases in flowing, irregular shapes, to coffee tables made of natural driftwood and curve-edged glass, organic shapes are all the rage right now. Our plight to live more sustainably has spilled into every aspect of our lives, including our design process.

Dripping gold

For the last few years in the realm of home design, matte black finishes and warm coppers have been the big claims to fame when it comes to tapware in the home. This year, however, gold is making a comeback – and not only in bathroom fixtures. The introduction of these truer golds brings a sophisticated, timeless, and fresh perspective of any room in the home. These crisp shining pieces often look like stunning art installations as well, making them unique and multifunctional.