Everywhere we look, technology has found its way into the system. There is not an industry around today that has not felt the disruption of technology, in one way or another. The simple fact is that there is no aspect of modern society that is the same as it was even fifty years ago. Technological advancement has brought with it an innate sense of evolution that has changed practically everything. In this modern era, digitalisation is the aim of the game, and everyone is jumping on the band wagon and readying themselves for the next inevitable wave to arise.

Every industry, from healthcare and science, to education and business, has been revolutionised by some form of technology (some have even been touched by multiple forms). For example, technological advancement and digitalisation are revitalising the modern consumer experience in more ways than one. The consumer experience is one that has been forced to go through many an evolution, as the modern consumer continues to evolve and change direction and expectation. More than ever, consumers expect fast, seamless experiences with the brands and businesses that they give their business to.

It is not very surprising. After all, the modern consumer is increasingly becoming the millennial generation, and this is an entire generation that has grown into their adult selves surrounded by technology. Of course they expect everything – including customer service – to be at least partially influenced by the ease of technology. Consumer experience now includes advanced technological innovations, such as Help Desk software and round-the-clock care from brands, businesses, and whole industries. There are three [seemingly] simple technologies that have had – and continue to have – the biggest impact on the modern consumer experience.

Chatbot technology

Consumers these days do not often have the time (or the patience) to rush around during their lunch breaks or race into businesses after their work day when they have an issue with an order, a product, or a service. The modern individual is busier than ever, and consumer experience has adapted to meet the modern consumer’s needs. Chat bot technology is a brilliant yet subtle tech innovation in consumer technology. Consumers can simply go to the website, open the live chat tab, and communicate through chat bot services to find answers to their questions.

Mobile access

Every important consumer experience technology today centres around convenience and efficiency. Having active, reliable mobile access as part of the modern business model is no longer an added bonus but an essential feature. Mobile access allows consumers to have a seamless user experience, which in turn makes them happier customers who are far more likely to continue to give their business to brands and companies.

Social media activation

Modern consumers spend a lot of their time on their devices browsing through their social media. Businesses have taken notice of this, and now social media marketing is arguably the most efficient marketing strategy available to businesses today. Social media activation allows consumers to ask questions and get real-time answers from brands. As well as being incredibly efficient, social media activation gives consumers a true sense of connection, trust, and loyalty to the brands they use.