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Understanding the Different Facets of Web Development


Web development can be a complex field in the technology industry. As the digital era of developed societies continues to grow and mold new generations, websites and browser databases are becoming the necessary to business and companies worldwide. What used to be available in just certain countries, is now expanding more than ever before. The tech industry continues to grow because of how technology dependent humans have become. Consumers rely on technology for most daily tasks. From setting alarms on their mobile phones to help them wake up in the morning to utilizing one cup coffee machines to get their caffeine boosts, consumers need technology. Internet and social media interactions are how most consumers do their majority of communicating. As online digital communication shifts the way humans interact with each other, it’s important that web developers have a thorough understanding of consumer behavior and their target audiences.

A web development company comes from many angles. Their job is dependent on consumers visiting their sites. For this reason, the front-end developers must be creative in their design elements to foster a site that consumers flock to helping build ad revenue and an overall client base with a strong consumer following. Front-end developers focus their efforts on writing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These types of coding languages create the back-end of what a consumer sees and clicks on. These types of developers are important because not only are they required to be tech savvy and knowledgeable, but they also must have a unique understanding of how consumers will interact with the site and what their initial thoughts on the site will be. They must work closely with other developers and the digital media team to accomplish their daily tasks and goals.

Front-end developers work well with back-end developers to gain a logical understanding of the technology and databases that will house the site. Back-end developers work to create and manage internet databases. There job is everything before the browser link is clicked. These developers learn programming language like C, C#, C++, Python, etc, to create the most efficient databases and programs available. These type of developers are often very logical in their analytical thinking abilities and the way the go about their daily jobs and performance. They must have critical thinking skills in order to complete each given task.

In combining both types of developers, a full stack developer does both jobs. This type of web developer is able to understand all playing fields of web development. Because of the horizontal plane of skills they possess, they are able to fit into any web development role. These types of developers have been slightly criticized within their own industry because some experts argue that being a jack of all trades in the tech field means being a master of none. Because the technology industry puts a high value on talented experts in niche markets, being able to perform all tasks means to them, only a general knowledge of each area is understood. This claim is not true for all full stack developers. Some may feel threatened due to their broad amount of skills for varying jobs. These types of developers are highly competitive among tech companies.

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