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Month: August 2018

The Effect of Technological Innovations in the Hospitality Industry


Technology has changed the world in so many different ways. With almost every type of information being easily accessible, it has made it possible for all industries to grow. Technological advancements have been visible throughout the different industries in the last couple of years. Even the hospitality industry has seen a shift in the manner of communication with the client, as well as the reach thanks to technology. The digital space, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and many more developments have made a shift in the hospitality industry.

There are various different ways in which technology has helped evolve the hospitality industry. Take smartphones, for instance, it is so simple and easy to gain any kind of knowledge just by downloading a couple of apps. Smartphones have been transitional to the hospitality industry for many reasons. It is so easy to look for “hotels near me” on Google or book a private villa at one of Bali’s finest luxury resorts. The current generation likes to have fast-paced solutions, this is why voice search and AI is consistently growing in all fields. Thanks to the availability of the resources available online, the hospitality industry have a wider audience. The ability to use search engine optimization (SEO), allows hotels and other industry members to be directly linked to their audience. A lot of apps and websites are also acknowledging the recent technological innovations as well as the current generation’s willingness to travel and explore.

Moreover, thanks to technology platforms like Airbnb have opened doors to a whole new level of hospitality. 42% of Airbnb users have said they replaced traditional hotels with Airbnb, which definitely puts a lot of pressure on hotels. People have more options, and hence more hotels are working to accommodate their necessities. One of the many ways in which hotels are leveraging technology to create a better outcome is by creating “smart-hotels”. Due to the increased competition, the hospitality industry is bringing forward all types of different possibilities with technology. For instance, Marriott Hotels launched a connection with Amazon’s Echo Alexa. This demonstrates the manner in which all industries are utilizing the advancements the digital era has to offer and creating the best possible space for hospitality. Some hotels are even utilizing technology to understand the sleep patterns of customers or giving them the opportunity to customize their room according to their preferences. Technology is allowing many innovations in the hospitality industry.

Digital innovations and competition alike are allowing great changes to occur in the hospitality industry. A lot of the big names in the industry, like Hilton, are investing a lot of money into technological advancements. The focus on digital awareness in hospitality industries is growing immensely, and it can be expected that more “smart-hotels” will come into existence in the coming years.

Invest in a Side-Kick: Why Every Business Needs Work Order Management


Seeing a project from beginning to end is no easy task. For many corporations and companies, a project manager is usually appointed to spearhead major projects and to see the whole process through. Even with the right leader, having a strong team and efficient communication tools can help the project manager help guide the project while providing support in needed areas.

There is a wide range of corporate industries that invest in a computerized maintenance management system.The benefits that come with implementing a CMMS allows managers to track inventory, efficiently assign timely work orders using a work order app, locate equipment that need immediate attention, and gives users access to view the staff’s productivity.

Implementing a CMMS helps build organizational skills that can help project managers and leads have more control over task scheduling. One important task as a project manager or lead is ensuring that a work order follows each request. For every project and task at hand, it’s essential to start a work order that allows users and maintenance to be on the same page that results to effective communication. Having a work order allows every urgent and non-urgent task to be monitored, helping the overall organization and needs of the company. In addition, having a CMMS allows tasks to be categorized by departments and consolidates important information based on each category.

Some aspects of a project can be time sensitive that requires immediate attention. By implementing a CMMS for a business, users can import real-time information and have instant access to maintenance data. Depending on the software, other urgent documents including work permits, contracts, licenses, and logs can be easily accessed which prevent future discrepancies for the company such as dealing with expired documents.

Nowadays, everyone is on the go and at times projects tend to also be mobile. By having access to a mobile or a work order app, there is that instant access to viewing and managing urgent work orders. Having the mobility can save valuable time spent tracking down the right maintenance personnel for updates on a particular work order, whereas having a CMMS can automatically update the system and generate reports.

In the hotel industry, engineering and the maintenance departments are often considered the backbone of the company. In order to support the backbone, investing in important tools such as a CMMS can make communication between front of the house and back of the house more efficient resulting to smoother operations. Without the maintenance team to fix broken elevators or fix piping issues, a hotel would not be able to run its 24-hour operations due to safety concerns. With the help of a CMMS, users can perform preventive maintenance to minimize problems that may occur and bring in repeating business.

There are many benefits of a CMMS that helps organize particular projects and help industries by providing different departments with the proper tools for maintenance and communication. Having real-time data and documents at hand both in the office and on the go allows for better communication leading to significant results.

Why Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Are on the Rise


Are you a coin collector that is looking for something new to add to your collection? Here is an idea, although not a novel one, you may consider adding it to your collection. This type of coin is virtual and you will not need a nice coin protector to put it in. What type of coin am I talking abut? Crypto Currency.

Crypto currency is virtual money that doesn’t require banking regulations or physical maintenance etc. The transactions are all done through networks of people who process and record the transactions called miners. These miners’ recorded information is saved into what is called a blockchain. The crypto in  the words crypto currency is apparent through the usage of what is called crypto images or puzzles. This completion of the puzzles is the first of a two part process that mints or solidifies a coin’s existence. When each transaction completes the process of solving these puzzles,the transaction becomes officially whatever coin currency or in simpler terms a newly minted virtual coin. The newly minted piece of virtual coin is then verified by the network, step two of the process, and that verification is also saved into the blockchain.

Once these coins are minted something has to be done with them. So, a system was created to trade these coins almost like trading stocks. A big part of the trading system is something called crypto telegram signals. Essentially these signals play a dual role in the trading process.

First off crypto telegram signals are a software that calculates the crypto currency market growth. Second, the crypto telegram signals shares it’s findings on potential growth or fluctuations and notifies traders to help them invest more wisely.

Membership into a group that sends crypto telegram signals can be split into two groups: free and paid and many of the individual companies within a group also has apps that you can use as well.

There is a mistaken point of view that if you pay for a membership into a crypto telegram signals company you are guaranteed a constant profit. Although I’d like to tell that it is true, I can not do that. Profit is in reality determined by how much(or how heavily) a particular currency is being promoted by crypto telegram signal groups. The more interest, often times can make a profit obtainable.

On the other hand, this same methodology of heavily promoting a particular crypto currency can expose you to potential loss for the exact same reasons. Either way, it is wise when choosing to use these groups to use a few of them to see which group is giving you the better information or signals.

Another piece of advise for wise trading is before joining a group or paying for crypto telegram signals do as much research as you possibly can. Include in your research a good understanding of the price fluctuations the currency is experiencing. You do not have to go at alone, one of the functions of these crypto telegram signal groups is to inform its members, and to allow a peer-to-peer interaction between investors. Another way to get information for your trading and investing is to seek out a Meetup Group in your area.

The E-commerce Industry Booming With Students


It is no secret that obtaining a degree in higher education is often critical if you hope to enjoy a rewarding professional life in the future. As there are now more individuals entering into university every year, competition is fierce. There are also times when obtaining a bit of extra money can help to provide financial “breathing room” when studying. As opposed to being forced to juggle a full-time job with an equally busy curriculum, many students are now migrating into the world of online sales. What are some of the main benefits that such a move can provide and are there any useful tools to consider? 

Most students will have to negotiate a rather hectic time frame. They need to find a balance between education, relaxation and work. This is often difficult to achieve if one is forced to become involved in a full-time job. The flexibility associated with online sales can help to efficiently address these requirements. 

There is another major advantage associated with these modern times. In the past, it would have been nearly impossible to create a website from the ground up unless the student already possessed a relatively in-depth knowledge of coding. Many software developers realised this fact and as a result, it is now possible to encounter a user-friendly and intuitive online store builder within seconds. There are various website builders to choose from, so make sure to do your research before starting your creation process. Some of the tools which are included within this service include: 

  • Numerous professionally designed themes.
  • The ability to see any changes within real-time settings.
  • Simple and streamlined checkout platforms.
  • Sales and inventory tracking.

So, it is clear to see that you do not have to be an expert if you hope to effectively promote what you are offering. Let’s also keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to be selling a tangible product. Many students will offer personal services such as tutoring or teaching English as a second language. Either way, the choices are up to you. 

We have just seen that the most reputable online site builders are associated with a highly intuitive and flexible platform. Still, there are some “extras” to look out for. Two common examples include a QR code creator and a barcode generator. These are both important, as the codes can then be printed onto items such as public flyers and business cards. The user will simply scan one of these codes and be taken to the appropriate online page (such as a product description or a digital checkout counter). You will not require any previous experience in order to leverage the usefulness of this option and as a result, more customers will be able to appreciate what you are offering. 

Creating an online store is a great way to earn a bit of extra money while in university. With so many unique options at your disposal, it is always wise to consider such a lucrative possibility.

An analysis of Singapore’s Internet Providers


The Internet plays a huge role in our daily lives, changing the manner in which we share data and work. The dependency of Singaporeans on the Internet and on VPNs in Singapore have increased now. We live in a time where sharing information and data has become truly essential. The Internet allows us to connect with our family, friends, co-workers, allows us to share knowledge and conduct business. We have come a long way from dial-up connections, today we need a fast stable broadband connection to access information.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a Broadband Plan in Singapore:

  • Term Period – Internet contracts usually bind you for 12 – 24 months, some providers may not run on a contract basis
  • Monthly Plan – The price you will be paying monthly
  • Speed and Reliability – If your upload, download speeds are high you will have a smoother hassle free connection
  • Quote – This is entirely up to your needs, how much do you use the Internet, determine what do you use it for, whether it is just surfing the web or you will be watching a lot of high quality videos. Determine how many will be using the Internet at home.
  • Will there be any hidden fees or cancellation penalties? Often times Internet providers will charge an initiation “one-time” fee, or masked as “installation” fees. Providers will often charge you an extra fee if you cancel before your contract term is completed. Companies usually charge for the remaining number of months in your contract.
  • The Internet has become a very vulnerable place, make sure your connection is secure. Censorship can be prominent with some providers in Singapore, try using a VPN to remain anonymous.

Internet Providers in Singapore:

M1 Broadband Plans:  Singapore’s most loved communications company, M1 provides nationwide 4G, 3G/High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) and 2G (GSM) networks. M1 has the capability of download speeds up to 300Mbps and upload speeds of up to 150Mbps. Its Fibre Broadband service ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps while for corporate customers, M1 offers connectivity services of up to 10Gbps.

MyRepublic Fibre Internet: A 100% Singapore-grown start-up and the world’s first telecom company purpose-built for optical fibre NBNs (Nationwide Broadband Network). MyRepublic is able to provide 1Gbps Fibre Home Broadband plan under S$50. Thus, making it the best in the world for Singapore’s Internet connectivity.

Singtel Broadband Plans: It is voted as Singapore’s best Telco and Fibre Broadband Service Provider, SingTel is the new, premium Fibre Broadband that offers 500Mbps Fibre Home Bundle that can give complete benefits to the customers. SingTel also offers download speeds up to 10Gbps for their Fibre Entertainment Bundle+.

StarHub Broadband Internet: StarHub has become one of Singapore’s greatest innovative info-communications providers and the pioneer in ‘hubbing’. Besides providing multi-channel pay-TV, StarHub is offering up to 1Gbps Fibre Broadband and Dual Broadband.

ViewQwest Home Fibre Broadband: With its Fibre Broadband’s achievements of being first in world outside of Japan and being the fastest residential Internet connectivity in Singapore, ViewQwest offers the blazing fast 2Gbps and 1 Gbps Fibre Broadband and Bundled Plans to their consumers.

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