“The irony of our product being a subscription is not lost on us…” ~ Gabe Alves, Founder of TrackMySubs

When was the last time a company acknowledged that their own product contributed to an issue they were trying to address? Gabe Alves, Founder of TrackMySubs did just that. He discovered, that his own subscription list was costing him over $200/month. That is $2,400 a year and did not include that nasty $850 whoops charge to his credit card. But how many of us have had that happen?

We sign up for a trial period and accept the terms and conditions because we know that we will be cancelling it before the month is up? Or, offer our cell phone to the kids to play with to remain occupied so we can continue a conversation, and they click purchase. End of the month comes around and we notice less money in our accounts. Login to the system and there it is, a subscription that we meant to cancel and just forgot.

Maybe you have heard of these common subscription sites: Godaddy, Netflix, or even Amazon Prime. Many people use these services and forgot they even signed up. That’s where TrackMySubs comes in. On average, their users spend $94.00 AUD on 6.5 subscriptions, with approximately 20% having 20 different subscriptions. But what does it do?

TrackMySubs does just that. Tracks all your personal subscriptions and keeps that information in one place. All the Netflix, or Godaddy charges in one spot so it can be visualized in a calendar view and you know what is coming out when. No need to worry about how much or what currency your accounts will be charged in, because that is included as well.

Gabe and his team at TrackMySubs is focused on giving their clients what they themselves have had happen. Loss of income because of silly mistakes. They discovered that people should be asking how the subscription should be helping them instead of how hard will this be to get rid of or cancel?

Digital subscriptions are taking the world over. Wine, herbal supplements and movies are all things that can be regularly sent to us in a variety of ways and sometimes we need a hand to manage our busy lives. This program helps us to develop a plan and manage spending or even better, cut it out where and when necessary.

There are many apps out there to provide what is necessary to manage any amount of subscriptions. So how do you choose the right one? Consider financial protection above all else. Many apps store personal information making it as easy as a finger print to purchase an item. A very small second should be the ability to cancel. Some subscription providers make it feel virtually impossible to cancel without a significant ordeal. Last, deal with a company that not only owns their slogan and stay in control of your own subscriptions and keep your money where it belongs; in the bank.

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