The future is here. The clothes and accessories we wear are no longer just devices that conceal our bodies, they are now devices that have paired up with smart-technology. Here are five ways fashion has adopted the digital revolution into its stride:

Augmented reality

Technology has been blending the physical and virtual worlds to create a new, alternative version of real life. Fashion and beauty companies have been playing around with mobile phone applications, letting their customers be able to virtually “try on” different clothing and various makeup or hairstyles. With visualisation being the top priority, companies have blended shopping and entertainment, giving their customers a new and improved kind of customer experience.

“Smart” Fabric

For those who don’t know, Smart fabric is split into two categories. The first is aesthetic, so everything to do with the coolest design; i.e. fabric that glows or changes color. The second is performance enhancing, which athletic, extreme sports and military industries have been utilizing. These second kind of Smart fabrics can help regulate body temperature, control muscle vibration, guard against radiation and high-altitude travels, etc. Endless choices, we as a society are just scratching the surface of possibilities.

“Lab-grown” Diamonds

Diamonds are made up of carbon crystals, which takes its form when pressurized by the Earth. With all the timely and costly ways people have been doing to extract diamonds from underground, scientists have figured out ways to artificially create them. A method called “Chemical Vapour Deposition” is used to create a solid material from gases. The “diamond” is essentially created by combining a variety of gases including methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon; all of which are then energised with high pressure and high temperatures and we eventually get diamonds with water and oxygen as the waste. However the “diamond” has to be cut and polished by experts to achieve the same brilliance as “natural diamonds”. The technology of “diamond-growing” started and is expanding throughout the years due to the limited quantities of “natural diamonds” and consumerism. Diamond buyers should be aware of this growing technology and wary of the diamonds they buy and how authentic they are.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This particular technology has been applied to make consumers’ lives easier, and with the increased level of convenience, the smartest customer service has arrived. You can find AI in your everyday life such as asking Maps how to get to a certain destination, or asking Siri a burning question. With AI, comes the demand and need for human-computer interaction, because computers are automated with answers the human mind can’t even comprehend.

3D Printing

The idea is that companies want to create a customizable 3D printing section in their stores. Imagine coming into an athletic store with an image in your head of what you want to buy, and an hour later you will be coming out with exactly what you had thought of. The challenge now is how to transform expensive prototype to products that are actually affordable.

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