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Reconciling agricultural land use and forest ecosystem services

Our paper “Five challenges to reconcile agricultural land use and forest ecosystem services in Southeast Asia” has been accepted in Conservation Biology! See our list of publications

Do Protected Areas Stop Deforestation?

Our research on deforestation and protected area effectiveness in Indonesia published in Global Environmental Change was featured in Phys.org, ScienceDaily, NewsDesk, Today

GEC paper_physorg

GEC paper_science daily


GEC paper_Worldnewsreport


Biodiversity as an economic value

Our research on valuation of ecosystem services published in Biological Conservation has been featured by CIFOR Forest News and Mongabay


Biocon eco value paper_Ciformongabay interview



Oil Palm: A double edged sword

Research on oil palm published in Science has been featured in Scientific American and Phys.org

oil palm1oil palm2

oil palm3


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