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Conservation Asia Conference 2016

The joint SCB and ATBC Conservation Asia conference was held in Singapore from June 29-July 2, 2016. The BioEcon lab held three different symposium throughout the conference with great success!

Francesca and Le hosted ‘Ecosystem Services and Market-Based Conservation: Challenges for the Tropics’.

Will and Yuchen hosted ‘Integrated Approaches to Reconcile Biodiversity and Land Use Change’. 

Roman co-hosted with Richard Corlett (XTBG) on ‘Reducing the Biodiversity Impacts of Infrastructure Development in the Tropics’. 

Amy presenting

Amy presenting

Will presenting

Will presenting

Winnie presenting her FYP

Winnie presenting her FYP

Yuchen presenting

Yuchen presenting


Reconciling agricultural land use and forest ecosystem services

Our paper “Five challenges to reconcile agricultural land use and forest ecosystem services in Southeast Asia” has been accepted in Conservation Biology! See our list of publications

International trade damages tropical nature, study shows

Our research on the effects of international trade on nature in the tropics has been featured in Science Daily. Read the full story here.



International trade causes economic loss in tropical countries

Our paper “International trade causes large net economic losses in tropical countries via the destruction of ecosystem services” has been accepted in Ambio! See our list of publications

Francesca and Le present at Ecosystem Services Partnership World Conferecence

Two members of our lab, Francesca and Le, attended the 8th Ecosystem Services Partnership World Conference at Stellenbosch, South Africa in November 2015. Francesca gave 2 talks on her PhD work: “Identifying the factors associated with equity in PES schemes” and “Valuing ES using life-years instead of dollars”. Le gave the talk on “Economic valuation of ES fails to capture biodiversity value of tropical forests”




Auction winning, social dynamics and non-compliance in PES in Indonesia

Our research paper “Auction winning, social dynamics and non-compliance in a payment for ecosystem services scheme in Indonesia” has just been accepted in Land Use Policy! See our list of publications

Biodiversity as an economic value

Our research on valuation of ecosystem services published in Biological Conservation has been featured by CIFOR Forest News and Mongabay


Biocon eco value paper_Ciformongabay interview



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