Research Interests: My research interests are human-nature interactions, biodiversity conservation and more recently, the governance of socio-ecological systems. I received my Masters in conservation ecology from the University of Michigan Ann-Abor and my Bachelors in restoration ecology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Current research

I am currently situated in the SSRC-funded Sustainable Governance of the Transboundary Environmental Commons in Southeast Asia project. My thesis aims to study issues of transboundary haze and peatland governance in Indonesia via understanding how land use land cover (LULC) decisions affect peatland burning. Given the importance of peatlands as carbon reservoirs and habitats for endangered species, it is impertinent to study the factors that contribute to their degradation and how we might sustainably manage for them.

  1. Conduct a spatiotemporal analysis of the LULC factors that affect peat fire occurrence in Indonesia.
  2. Examine the effect(s) of the national peatland restoration project on fire hotspots.
  3. Assess the experiences of communities in managing peatlands and their perceptions of community-based peatland restoration projects.