I am a research assistant working on the Natural Capital and Human Well-being project together with Le and Chia-Chen. My research interests include invasion ecology, species conservation, ecosystem functioning, and animal behaviour.

Prior to this, I graduated with a BSc (Hons.) degree in Life Sciences (Environmental Biology) and worked as a research assistant in the Freshwater and Invasion Biology Lab in the National University of Singapore. There, I gained exposure to field and experimental research, ranging from empirical reservoir food web generation, to elucidating endangered/endemic freshwater crab populations, to conducting laboratory and mesocosm experiments on alien-versus-native freshwater shrimp behaviour and survival. I also had the opportunity to discover the value of interactions in enriching learning and ideas. This was realised first-hand during discussions for a co-written research grant on freshwater shrimp conservation, teaching statuary board members in a skills-sharing workshop, mentoring students in their research projects, and in presentations and networking during international conferences. These experiences have shaped my belief in collaborative and evidence-based conservation and/or applied management.

However, I am also aware of the gap between ecology and other conservation fields such as psychology. I am thus curious about applying my research experience to multi-facetted people-nature issues and species/habitat conservation plans. This current project on elucidating the link between biodiversity and human well-being thus aligns to my interests. I hope that findings from the project can add to existing knowledge of the role of wildlife in urban settings, and thus, inform strategies in building sustainable and liveable cities for all its denizens, vertebrate or not.