Growing up in Singapore means that I have always been part of a strong food culture. However, like other food paradises of the globe, Singapore generates a massive amount of food waste daily. Fortunately, there are ways we can mitigate this problem – by reducing, segregating, and upcycling food waste at the individual and collective level. As a food lover myself, I have also become interested in how I can enjoy food while minimising my environmental impact. Specifically, I wish to explore different ways to better manage my unavoidable food waste, adopting changes in my diet with meat alternatives, and encouraging others to do the same. To elicit such behavioural changes, it is then important to understand consumers’ perceptions towards food, food waste management and meat substitutes.

As part of my work as a research assistant at E-SEAL, I hope to tease apart and identify the important factors relating to acceptance or rejection of meat alternatives. Additionally, I am also looking forward to adopting interdisciplinary approaches and using behavioural change interventions to encourage better food waste management.