The effect of communication in Organizational behavior.

The effect of communication in Organizational behavior.

In today’s session we reflected on our results of the simulation which aimed for the goal of showing how difficult the communication and management of stakeholders. This topic struck me in particular because of two reasons: First, I encountered the topic of communication in business before in a positive way in my internship at a trading company: They let me influence meetings and decision making which was a new and welcome experience for me and motivated me to actively participate during my internship. Secondly I talked about the importance of communication with employees in organisational effectiveness before. In our simulation team we found out quickly that we underestimated the communication with our simulated stakeholders. This quickly resulted in a miscommunication and bad relation between our team and lead to a rather low score in this area. These results go in line with the studies by Elton Mayo which were performed in the Hawtorne works in 1924. In his study, Mayo discovered that there is a correlation between the performance and satisfaction of an employee and whether they feel like management is paying attention to them. This effect was shown by changing the lighting in the factory. The light itself did not change the behaviour but the feeling that people are interested in the workers and that someone is taking care of them made them feel important and raised their working morale. The experiment was duplicated a few times and this effect can also be seen in the simulation as people become more unsatisfied the less they are involved, even if there are no major changes which need to be communicated. This was a problem which my group and I were not fully aware of during the simulation. We focused more on numbers and hard facts instead of the human factor. I think that many companies nowadays do the same mistake and that this effect is not utilised enough by todays organizations which results in missed worker efficiency. We see Feedback forms for employees quite often but in my opinion, this is a weak try to involve the employees in the corporate decision making. The real change after giving such a feedback in an organisation is barely visible, letting the employees feel useless. There are some companies with disruptive new structures such as google in which the hierarchy is maintained as flat as possible. I am well aware that this company form is not applicable for every Industry and company but at least some extent of employee co-determination should be possible. It will make the company feel more at home and should motivate everyone to work harder.

Concluding I want to motivate managers to show their employees that they care about them and that they are not just workforce which might as well be replaced by machines. This attitude should be beneficial for all parties and self-reinforcing.



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