Our Singapore Leg

Taking On Diffused Responsibilities: Redesigning Spaces, Nurturing Communities.

AUS2018 invites participants to explore ‘diffused responsibilities’: societal challenges that individuals struggle to overcome due to inertia. Such complexities are typically met with confusion or apathy, and responded to by passing on responsibility to others. Where do I even begin? Why should I care? Someone else will handle it.

This year’s Summit directly challenges these doubts. Over AUS2018’s Singapore Leg, participants will explore how redesigning our spaces, both physical and virtual, can nurture communities. In other words, how might we enable society to reclaim its diffused responsibilities by building conducive spaces?

The goal of the Singapore leg is to reveal how spaces, and the communities that inhabit them, influence each other. Participants can expect to leave AUS2018 with an understanding of what it takes to build spaces that can nurture communities, and vice versa. Together, undergraduates from across Asia will be introduced to a variety of spaces in Singapore – from physical to virtual places, and from purposed to porous spaces. Be prepared to see our physical places (e.g. public spaces, green buildings), online communities, and civic society organisations in a new light!

AUS2018’s conference format consists of two tracks: Content and Skills. The first includes a host of educational activities, both within the classroom and beyond. Sharings by local experts and community-based organisations, site visits and learning trails will add to the depth of participants’ theoretical and practical knowledge. To complement this new knowledge, participants will be armed with a strong set of tools including ethnographic fieldwork techniques, training in design thinking methodologies, and pitching skills. At the end of the Singapore Leg, AUS participants will apply their learning by creating a group deliverable and pitching their ideas to a panel of esteemed judges, with the possibility of receiving seed funding for their initiatives.