Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is AUS?
    • About Us:
      The Asian Undergraduate Summit (AUS) is a student-led, student-run international conference by the National University of Singapore (NUS) University Scholars Programme (USP). The Summit aims to bring together undergraduates of diverse disciplines from Asia and provide them with the opportunity to engage in meaningful academic, cultural, and social exchange. The overarching theme of “Leadership in a Complex World” forms the macro-vision of the summit in promoting progressive leadership development for the youths of today, trailblazers of tomorrow, and thrive in what business experts call the “Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World”.Through this Summit, participants can look forward to a rich cross-cultural exchange as they meet and share insights with participants from top universities all around Asia. The participation of their respective overseas leg during the summit also provides participants with the opportunity to learn in a distinct cultural setting, and to appreciate how these differences shape experiences. The Asian-centric focus of the summit also aims to form a robust partnership between regional future change-makers, encouraging deeper collaborations to initiate actions in tackling issues faced by the region and even the world. Through panel discussions with experts from both the public and private sector, participants are provided new insights on emerging social phenomenon, as well as gaining the requisite knowledge to assist them in engaging more critically with these issues. Staying true to the empowering leaders of tomorrow, AUS 2018 also aims to provide participants with more tools to face future challenges. As such, the Design Thinking Methodology is imparted to all participants, enabling them more options to better conceptualize and articulate ideas, as they sought to empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test solutions for their target problem.AUS 2018 is also proudly supported by Temasek Foundation Connects. Temasek Foundation Connects is a Singapore-based non-profit philanthropic organisation that funds and supports programmes, which seek to build bridges and partnerships, and promote dialogue and mutual understanding across international communities and markets. Together with Temasek Foundation Connects, AUS 2018 aims to foster great collaboration and cooperation within the Asian region, and to build a brighter future for one and all.
    • The Singapore Leg:
      Taking On Diffused Responsibilities: Redesigning Spaces, Nurturing Communities. AUS2018 invites participants to explore ‘diffused responsibilities’: societal challenges that individuals struggle to overcome due to inertia. Such complexities are typically met with confusion or apathy, and responded to by passing on the responsibility to others. Where do I even begin? Why should I care? Someone else will handle it. This year’s Summit directly challenges these doubts. Over AUS2018’s Singapore Leg, participants will explore how redesigning our spaces, both physical and virtual, can nurture communities. In other words, how might we enable society to reclaim its diffused responsibilities by building conducive spaces? The goal of the Singapore leg is to reveal how spaces, and the communities that inhabit them, influence each other. Participants can expect to leave AUS2018 with an understanding of what it takes to build spaces that can nurture communities and vice versa. Together, undergraduates from across Asia will be introduced to a variety of spaces in Singapore – from physical to virtual places, and from purposed to porous spaces. Be prepared to see our physical places (e.g. public spaces, green buildings), online communities, and civil society organisations in a new light!AUS2018’s conference format consists of two tracks: Content and Skills. The first includes a host of educational activities, both within the classroom and beyond. Sharings by local experts and community-based organisations, site visits and learning trails will add to the depth of participants’ theoretical and practical knowledge. To complement this new knowledge, participants will be armed with a strong set of tools including ethnographic fieldwork techniques, training in design thinking methodologies, and pitching skills. At the end of the Singapore Leg, AUS participants will apply their learning by creating a group deliverable and pitching their ideas to a panel of esteemed judges, with the possibility of receiving seed funding for their initiatives.
  • Who organizes AUS?

Each year, students from the University Scholars Programme of the National University of Singapore are interviewed and selected by the AUS Board of Advisors to lead the summit, and leadership rotates on an annual basis.

  • When is the summit and how long is the summit?

The ‘Overseas Leg’ of AUS will take place between 1 July to 8 July, and it will be a 6-day programme with specific dates dependent on the Overseas Host University (OHU) that you are heading to!

The ‘Singapore Leg’ of the summit will take place from 15 July – 23 July 2018, and it will be a 6-day programme hosted in the University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore.

  • I study in a Singaporean university, but am not from NUS. Can I sign up?

Yes! We accept applications from undergraduates from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Singapore Institute of Technology.


  • How much do I have to pay to attend the summit?

AUS and the Overseas Host Universities (OHUs) would cover your accommodation and programme costs, but you will have to pay for your own flight tickets (to OHU & back to Singapore), as well as your personal expenses incurred during the programme.

  • Will I get to go on an overseas leg?

As a participant, you will be required to rank your Overseas Host University (OHU) of choice, and we will try our best to sort you into your preferred university. It will also be a 6-day programme, where participants are exposed to the OHU’s take on this year’s theme.

  • Am I eligible to apply?

While we do not have strict criteria to only accepting undergraduates with a particular skillset or major, we do expect our participants to be inquisitive and ask questions about the programmes that they experience!

  • What should I expect on the Overseas & Singapore Leg?

Expect 6 days of fun-filled, thought-provoking and non-stop cultural exchanges, site-visits, dialogue or panel discussions and more! Our participants often have different and varying takeaways from their entire experience with AUS, and it is up to the individual to make full use of the opportunity they are given.


  • How do I get apply to be a facilitator in AUS?

All facilitators are required to submit an essay on this year’s theme, before they are selected for a group interview. During the group interview, we are assessing your suitability to lead a group of international participants.

  • What will my position entail?

As a facilitator, you are the executive branch of AUS. We are dependent on our facilitators to ensure the welfare of participants, as well as help maximize the learnings of our participants. To better prepare you for your role, there is compulsory trainings for all facilitators, that they can get certified in!

  • What if I have no relevant experience in facilitating?

While experienced facilitators are welcomed, we do accept undergraduates who have no experience in facilitating as well! There are compulsory trainings for all our facilitators, to ensure that you are well-equipped to lead a group of international participants for 6 days.

  • Will I get to go on an overseas leg?

Unfortunately, no. Facilitators will be taking part in the training programme whilst participants are embarking upon the Overseas Legs.


  • How do I join the organizing committee?

While we do appreciate your enthusiasm, AUS is currently only run by students from the University Scholars Programme. With that said, we still welcome you to be part of AUS either as a facilitator, or a participant!

  • I can’t find a FAQ that is similar to mine, what do I do?

Sorry that we could not address your query! Please either direct message us at @AsianUndergraduateSummit on Instagram or at Asian Undergraduate Summit on Facebook. We can also be contacted at @AUS_Participant for participant inquiries and @AUS_Facilitator for facilitator inquiries on Telegram.