2017: Group 9


Description of Product/ Service/ Innovation:

PoP! aims at addressing the social stigma of freelancing jobs, by providing a platform to make such work financially and socially lucrative. The platform allows users to offer skilled services and share their passions with the community, by helping them

  • Understand their market and price their services appropriately, by providing cross-market comparison with peers offering similar services,
  • Find clients that they are comfortable working with, by means of detailed credit reviews
  • Find time to fit freelance work into their busy schedules, with API integration,
  • Offer lessons to teach their skills to interested peers, and
  • Build a community of like-minded freelancers, where passions may be exchanged and shared.

Clients in need of these services can easily use PoP! to find freelancers that match their preferences. A fair remuneration can be negotiated, and users also have the option of receiving PoP! Currency which they can use to purchase other services from the application.

By making the process of freelancing more convenient, PoP! makes freelancing more accessible to a wider community – many of whom may genuinely want to share their passions, but are daunted by the many seemingly surmountable challenges of freelancing.

Target Group:

Part timers, freelancers

Stakeholders Involved:

People looking for part time jobs

People in need of services (tuition, photography, etc)

What Stakeholder Need Does It Address?

For users: more stable income

For clients: credible and affordable service

How Does It Build on existing Technology/Processes?

  1. Mobile application
  2. Search function and GPS according to location of both users
  3. Chat function between both parties
  4. More specialized and catered towards services compared to Carousell which sells everything

Your Group’s Pledge
(What Follow up/Future Action Will You Take?)

  • AI research to help automate matching process between clients and users
  • Continuous UX/UI research according to feedbacks from stakeholders
  • Entering the global market; launch in other countries.

Team Members:

Arum Sekarini, Airlangga University

Bhavishya Mehta, Hindu College

Do Duy Quang Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City

Jagad Samudro, Universitas Gadjah Mada

Jagruthi Koganti, Hindu College

Karn Chirathammakun, Mahidol University

Mancini Tan, National University of Singapore

Nayan Gupta, Hindu College

Nisanat Watthayu, Mahidol University

Shirlyn Chua, National University of Singapore

Widyastuti Septiyaningrum, Airlangga University

Xin Ying, Fudan University

Yang Fan, Fudan University

Devesh Narayanan, National University of Singapore

Maxwell Mario, National University of Singapore