2017: Group 6


Description of Product/ Service/ Innovation:

From our research, there is a strong interest in entrepreneurship amongst the millennials in Singapore today. However, existing platforms to support entrepreneurs are inadequate in serving their needs. The multitude of government grants, co-founder spaces and incubator interfaces exist in silos. There is still a shortage of integrated mediums that combine all these services.

Taking a form of a mobile application, BizI provides a one-stop hub created in order to ease the process of establishing start-ups. BizI’s features are:

  • P2P: Partner to Partner: where aspiring entrepreneurs can find individuals that share similar business interests and prospectively establish a start-up together.

Users will fill in a profile listing their interest, skill sets and their areas of needs. Prospective partners who are most likely to be compatible based on common interests and skills needed are then streamed into a list of matches.

  • E2I: Entrepreneur to Incubators: BizI uses algorithms to curate existing online data about incubator companies, thereafter, listing and reviewing them in order of compatibility with entrepreneurs’ needs. Entrepreneurs will be able to submit their necessary documents to the incubators through BizI.
  • E2F: Entrepreneur to Funding: BizI uses algorithm to curate existing online data about government schemes, grants and private investors, thereafter, listing them in order of compatibility with entrepreneurs’ needs.

Upcoming Events: BizI showcases upcoming seminars, workshops, training courses and networking events that users can attend in order to gain expertise.

Target Group:

Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Stakeholders Involved:

Aspiring entrepreneurs


Business mentors

Business consultants




What Stakeholder Need Does It Address?

It addresses aspiring entrepreneurs need for possible business partners, business supports, and investors in a one-stop portal.

How Does It Build on existing Technology/Processes?

It uses the search and locate function to match like-minded peers. It then draws on existing online data about incubator and investors and uses data analytics to rank and review them.

Your Group’s Pledge
(What Follow up/Future Action Will You Take?)

To plant the seed of entrepreneurship: connecting a network of aspiring business change makers

Recognizing the needs of a country to sustain its economic vibrancy through entrepreneurship, BizI will be a novel innovation that connects like-minded entrepreneurs, incubators and investors

Team Members:

Julia Ng Yu Xin, National University of Singapore

Paulson Yap Kwang Yong, Singapore Institute of Technology

Tan Yangfan, Fudan University

Qin Zhenyun, Fudan University

Muhammad Daniyal Ubaidullah, Hindu College

Kanika Dora, Hindu College

Vorameth Reantongcome, Mahidol University

Puchit Hongsawat, Mahidol University

Bima Danubrata Adhijoso, Airlangga University

Fransiska Berliani, Airlangga University

Dinh Quang Hinh, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City

Safira Fabilia, Universitas Gadjah Mada

Koh Teng Teng, National University of Singapore

Lee Yu Xiang, National University of Singapore