2017: Group 5



Description of Product/ Service/ Innovation:

Our innovation consists of an integrated sports application which will work together with a wristband health tracker to facilitate the monitoring of the active living in Singapore.

The application will consist of these 7 functions:

  1. Outdoor Public Common Space Suggestion: suggests suitable location for user, based on distance and human traffic
  2. Real-time Reporting of human traffic at each location
  3. A match-based app:

Platform for finding like-minded people (including a chat function) using the following criteria-

  • Type of sports played
  • Skill Level
  • Personal information: age, gender etc
  • Preferred Area
  1. Individual Time Plan customized by users themselves: to facilitate matching of people
  2. Sports News/Articles: Relevant news and articles on sports will be collated
  3. Sports Shop: An online shopping platform to enable purchase of sporting goods by users

7. Reward system: to incentivize and encourage sustained usage of our application

Target Group:

Millennial (17 – 37 years old)


Stakeholders Involved:

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth

Health Promotion Board

Active SG

Popular Bloggers

Charity Organizations:

– Singapore Kindness Movement

– Singapore Lions Club

– NTUC Income

What Stakeholder Need Does It Address?

Ministry of Health: obtain valuable demographic data from its citizens, recorded Data obtained from the health trackers will be handed over to the Government for their analysis to aid in future policy decision-making.

MCCY: Promote real-life interactions + cultivate future sports talents and develop sports scene in Singapore

ActiveSG: complement each other’s functions. ActiveSG will provide the list of available facilities and charges, while our app will utilise the offerings of ActiveSG by recommending the suitable facilities to our users.

Influencers: Generate publicity by inviting relevant influencers to use our app, thereby encouraging our target group to utilise our app.

Charity Organisations: Collaborate with organisations(e.g. NTUC Income) to provide donations to the needy.

Singapore Kindness Movement & Lion’s Club: Provide logistics support

Health Promotion Board: Our app is in line with HPB’s aim of promoting healthy living in Singapore.

Health Research Institutions: Obtain valuable data sets that integrate participant information and sporting activity/calories burnt.

How Does It Build on existing Technology/Processes?

  • Fully utilize public facilities and open spaces (can upgrade such facilities in future). Creating communal spaces and encouraging a physical social environment
  • Smart selection of suitable locations using the real-time reporting system to choose less crowded areas from the available list of facilities.
  • It is a combination of the different types of health applications that can be found on the market, to establish an integrated application that consists of different functions which work together to provide a wholesome and convenient “playing through sports” experience.
  • To summarise, our application serves to change the current situation of a human-technology relationship that we often see, and convert it into a human-human relationship, using technology as the bridge. In other words, finding the balance between virtual interactions and face-to-face interactions.

Your Group’s Pledge
(What Follow up/Future Action Will You Take?)

We will need to collaborate with the government for the launch of our application as a significant portion of our application involves government facilities as well as monitoring of human traffic in those locations.

Also, while the government does take steps to promote active living in Singapore, the progress is not obvious as of today. Our application thus serves to give an extra push to the community, especially on the millennials who will be or are pillars of Singapore’s tomorrow.

Following that, it is important that we put in significant publicity efforts to increase the chances of the success of our application. Following today’s trend on social media, influencers have significant influence on our target group, the millennials. Hence, using such influencers (on youtube, Instagram etc.) will increase our outreach to our target group.

Looking into the further future, in the ideal scenario that our application is successful and has managed to achieve it’s intended goals, it is important that we constantly innovate to ensure sustained usage of our application, and to keep our application in line with the current situation. This could take place in the form of introducing periodic marathons or competitions using the existing infrastructure that our application has.

Team Members:

Tay Jia Xian Amelia, National University of Singapore

Zhang Hong, Fudan University

Jin Li, National University of Singapore

Wang Shuya, Nanyang Technological University

Hu Eva, Fudan University

Sameer Kumar, Hindu College

Kritika Goyal, Hindu College

Komal Sahi, Hindu College

Warisa Kittisupakul, Mahidol University

Patipol Saengduean, Mahidol University

Vidya Anggarini, Airlangga University

Rahma Yulia Prastiwi, Airlangga University

Stefani Dyah Retno Pudyanti, Universitas Gadjah Mada

Rachel Lim, National University of Singapore