2017: Group 3


Description of Product/ Service/ Innovation:

FOMO is a Mobile Application that helps the user in creating and co-ordination amongst their friends. It starts with the user creating a Chat Group in the Application and then further adding his/her friends and family in that group for that particular outing. The User after creating the particular group decides with the members on a particular date and time with reference to their calendars to meet up at a particular time. The Venue of the activity is decided on a poll basis of the member’s preferences. Soon after as the date and time for the activity approaches the Application sets out a reminder for the user, thus telling him/her about the event, location and time. The Application also has a feature where members who are non-responsive in the chat get a priority buzz as a reminder. The Application also features a suggestive/alternative option of restaurants/activities around incase things don’t work out at the designated place. The Application also has a feature which would allow the bot to take charge and decide the activity on behalf of the user based on the user’s pattern of work, play, eat. etc.

Target Group:

Young Adults

Stakeholders Involved:

Young Adults, Restaurants, Café, Pubs, Recreational Outlets, Chatting Applications, Online Food Recommendation Websites/Applications, Scheduling Applications

What Stakeholder Need Does It Address?

Young Adults dilemma in deciding on a place, activity and coordinating with other App users.

How Does It Build on existing Technology/Processes?

It takes multiple mobile applications and fuses them into one application, thus thereby reducing the effort and decision making problems of the users. The interactive bot of the application works in suggesting activities for the user based on their pattern of function.

Your Group’s Pledge (What Follow up/Future Action Will You Take?)

Our group pledge to work on understanding the targeted users more and to further develop the idea and the app.

Team Members:

Rithik Ravindran, Hindu College

Mrigank Magotra, Hindu College

Rhythm Jandyal, Hindu College

Harsh Singhal, National University of Singapore

Yi En, National University of Singapore

Felix Utama, National University of Singapore

Wang Siyu, Fudan University

Suparada, Mahidol University

Shabrina Ayu, Airlangga University

Eunah, Incheon University

Hoang Bao, Vietnam National University

Ting Hei, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Melinda, Universitas Gadjah Mada

Felicia Tay, National University of Singapore