2017: Group 14



Description of Product/ Service/ Innovation:

  • We aim to provide home-cooked food to working adults or students who live alone through a mobile application
  • We link customers to cooks within neighborhoods, providing them with healthy and affordable meals quickly and efficiently through a bicycle/eBike delivery (with nominal delivery fee) or a self-collect option (No extra charge)
  • Customers can choose to order meals in advance by selecting a ‘meal ready by’ time, or use the ‘Eat Now’ function to select meals being cooked in the area in real-time
  • Collaboration with culinary institutions and celebrity chefs will also be explored to provide cooking masterclasses to cooks on the app to upgrade their culinary skills
  • The application is linked to the calendar function as a widget

Target Group:

Housewives, single working adults, students

Stakeholders Involved:

  • Housewives
  • Single working adults
  • Students
  • Food delivery services
  • Smart Mobility providers (e.g. oBike)
  • Beverage companies
  • Supermarkets
  • Retirees

What Stakeholder Need Does It Address?

  • Provides home-cooked meals to working adults and students
  • Provides additional income for those who cook at home

How Does It Build on existing Technology/Processes?

  • Current apps like hcook and Dine Inn already offer consumers options to purchase home-cooked food
  • However these apps still lack the ‘Eat Now’ function to show consumers what’s cooking nearby in realtime

Your Group’s Pledge
(What Follow up/Future Action Will You Take?)

  • We intend to grow FoodBao by more extensive collaboration with
    • Smart mobility services like oBike to provide clean transportation for food delivery within neighbourhoods
  • Entertainment and service providers to offer services like rent-a-movie to customers after purchasing meals

Team Members:

Jonathan Lee , National University of Singapore

Joseph Lim , Singapore Institute of Technology

Ankit, Hindu College

Tanvi, Hindu College

Warachote , Mahidol University

Anongnat , Mahidol University

Ekky Bregassiwi , Airlangga University

Inten Firdhausi , Airlangga University

Seungjin , Incheon National University

Shing Pan , Chinese University of Hong Kong

Guo Shanwei, National University of Singapore