2017: Group 13

GROUP 13 – P2P


Description of Product/ Service/ Innovation:


P2P platform to connect tourists and locals through meet-up or events.

Value proposition:

  1. Unique way of connecting with others while travelling
  2. Explore a new city with a different perspective, in the company of new friends and old.
  3. Rediscover the gems of your city that have long been overlooked.


  1. Make traveling easier for the newbies.
  2. Provide the best experience locally.

Target Group:

Young, adventurous travellers

Stakeholders Involved:

Tourists, locals, government (after the app is more matured)

What Stakeholder Need Does It Address?


  1. To get accurate ways to explore the city.
  2. Be able to get the right information
    without going through many sites.
  3. Safe travel


  1. Additional money
  2. Free-time career

How Does It Build on existing Technology/Processes?

  1. P2P (peer to peer) application
  2. To create a more humane experience rather than give the perception that we are selling a service.
  3. Predict user preferences using big data analytics.

Your Group’s Pledge
(What Follow up/Future Action Will You Take?)

While this idea is still in its nascent state, future actions to fully develop this would include the following.

Firstly, we would identify a potential market to test a beta version of the app through market surveys and soft launches.

Secondly, as user-centricity is paramount, we would continue to engage with potential users to get a more nuanced understanding of their travelling habits and needs.

Thirdly, we would leverage on the strengths of social media for a powerful marketing campaign in order to create a robust user base. A healthy ecosystem of regular, engaged, and enthusiastic users is inextricably linked to a thriving platform. This in turn attracts more users and creates a gateway to greater personalisation, increased trust and strengthened friendships in our community. With this vision in mind, we capitalise on and bring about the waves of change in the way we travel.

Team Members:

Bei Lin Teo – Fudan University

Dharshiney Mathusoothanan – National University of Singapore

Suchanun Piriyasatit – Mahidol University

Ishaan Sudan – Hindu College, University of Delhi

Mahek Ahmed- Hindu College, University of Delhi

Jo Yeon Soo – Incheon National University

Pimchana Baramee – Mahidol University

Man Wai Chiu – Chinese University of Hong Kong

Brandon Lee – Yale – NUS College

Muhammad Dzakir Gusti – Airlangga University

Zahra Septi Cahyaning Pertiwi – Airlangga University

Jodi Lau – National University of Singapore