2017: Group 12



Description of Product/ Service/ Innovation:

Smartphone APP to invite people nearby to join in a sport game that lacks the players. In collaboration with government initiative to promote healthy living, credits in the ActiveSG account could be used for the booking of available venues of the sports users are interested in.


  1. Event page (organize & join)
  2. Sports selection
  3. Venue booking (linked to ActiveSG)
  4. Location settings
  5. Users’ rating & verification

Target Group:


Stakeholders Involved:

  • ActiveSG & Community Centers
  • People who are looking to play leisure sports

What Stakeholder Need Does It Address?

  1. The need for space/ venue to organize/ carry out leisure activities.
  2. The need for more players for the game to carry out.
  3. Security of users (meeting of strangers).

How Does It Build on existing Technology/Processes?

ActiveSG is already in place. We adopted the structure of similar socializing APP, and further improve the APP by identifying pain and pleasure points of past experiences. We also solve the issue of security/ safety.

Your Group’s Pledge
(What Follow up/Future Action Will You Take?)

Run a pilot project and observe the reviews. Ask the users for any comments both positive and negative and keep updating the app according to the voices of the users wherever possible and beneficial.

Team Members:

Ren Wei , National University of Singapore

Faqih , National University of Singapore

Prashant , Nanyang Technological University

Yunyi , Fudan University

Bhakti , Hindu College

Imran , Hindu College

Andong , Fudan University

Tanyapat , Mahidol University

Pongpeera (Mahodol)

Dicky , Airlangga University

Hyewon , Incheon National University

Phuong , Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City

Raimie Tang, National University of Singapore

Lum Wei Lin, National University of Singapore