2017: Group 11


Description of Product/ Service/ Innovation:

A Retirement Village Concept:

Grounded in the spirit of humanism, user-centered design, self-governed with the communist way of production, equality without peer pressure, providing great value / creating new meaning for persons who are aging.

We seek to disrupt conventional ways of eldercare (nursing homes) by creating a greater sense of community and family through the concept of building a retirement village by elderly for elderly, with elderly.

Target Group:

Retired Elderly

Stakeholders Involved:

Retired Elderly,

Working Adults



What Stakeholder Need Does It Address?

Retired Elderly:

  1. Active and Healthy Lifestyle
  2. Community and Social interaction
  3. Help prevent depression and dementia
  4. New purpose in life

Working Adults:

  1. Help relieve the burden of care for Elderly


  1. Help achieve social objectives
  2. Reduce spending on Elderly care

Grand Children:

  1. Foster inter-generation bonding between grandparents and children.

How Does It Build on existing Technology/Processes?


  1. VR technology (centre for travel/ interaction / communication)
  2. Automated technology

To improve convenience and reduce physical exertion

  1. Internet-access (IoT)

Your Group’s Pledge
(What Follow up/Future Action Will You Take?)

  • Develop our plan in greater detail
  • Keep updated with trends in the eldercare sector
  • Be more empathetic towards our elders
  • Promote interactions between the young and the old
  • Contextualize our solution across Asia, specifically China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea.

Team Members:

Tran Lo Dung , National University of Singapore

Wang Yuan , National University of Singapore

Darren How , Nanyang Technological University

Zhou Wenbo , Fudan University

Saumya Mittal , Hindu College

Avinash , Hindu College

Sornanong (Bow) , Mahidol University

Sindy Gunawan , Airlangga University

Ni’man Nashier , Airlangga University

Son Yejin, Incheon National University

Kim Khanh Ngo , Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City

Chau Chiu Yeung , Chinese University of Hong Kong

Khoo Yi Feng, National University of Singapore