“Leadership in a Complex World: Taking on Diffused Responsibilities.”

What do some of Asia’s most pressing societal challenges, such as – anthropogenic climate change, managing an ageing population, air pollution, erosion of local culture due to rapid urbanisation – have in common?

These challenges are so large-scale, complex and widespread that the responsibility for tackling them is diffused across all members of society. Too often, individuals experience an inertia to act. We may feel intimidated (‘this is such a huge problem I don’t know where to begin’), become apathetic (‘this problem does not affect me directly so why should I care’) and pass on responsibility to others (‘someone else is probably doing something about it’).

AUS2018 aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to respond to diffused responsibilities with purposeful action. At AUS2018, each overseas leg host city will immerse participants in a pertinent issue area where responsibility has been diffused. Participants will be equipped with tools such as ethnographic fieldwork techniques and design thinking that will help them to understand the issues faced by local communities in addressing their challenges. Participants will then converge at the Singapore leg to synthesise their learning by applying the idea of human-centered design to the creation of inclusive spaces that empower individuals to collectively make a significant impact in tackling their diffused responsibilities. After exploring the concept of ‘inclusive spaces’ through multiple angles and undergoing ideation and pitching workshops, participants will present their group actionables on the final day of the summit.

AUS 2018’s overseas leg will be happening on 1-8 July 2018, while the Singapore leg will be happening here in NUS from 15-23 July 2018.