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Hi everyone!

I am Soh Bryan a Year One student of BES, Bachelor of Environmental Studies, and this is my environmental blog :). I am 21 years old this year and I love animals.

This is me in Japan’s Nara Park 🙂

This blog will be targeting one of my interests, Coral Reefs. My fascination with animals grew when I was young. My parents had a huge fish tank with many saltwater fishes and lobsters. I was amazed by how the fishes interacted with the corals and with the different species of fish, snails, and lobsters. Although the lobsters killed many of my father’s fish, and he was forced to take it out of the main tank, it was one of the experiences that piqued my interest in animals.
My first ever pet was a goldfish that I caught by myself at a fish farm. I was so delighted to have a pet of my own and I spent lots of time just watching my goldfish swim around in its tank. I took care of other fishes too like guppies. I would be delighted to see pregnant guppies in the tank that I would scoop up into a separate tank and watch it every day to see when she gave birth to her live babies. I would then wait till the babies were a bit bigger before returning them to the main tank, if not they would be eaten by the larger fishes.
I volunteered at ACRES (Animal Concerns, Research, and Education Society) earlier this year and it directed my interests towards marine life. There were many pig-nosed turtles there that were being taken care of there before being rehabilitated. While volunteering, each pig-nosed turtle had its own name and each had different personalities. “Buddy” was one of the turtles that I was closest to because he was the most friendly and loved human interaction. Seeing how innocent these animals are and how they do not hold grudges, even after they’ve been removed from their homes and imported to Singapore. This drove my passion to stand up and protect animals.

Now that you know how my passion for animals developed, why did I choose Coral Reefs?
Coral reefs cover 0.1% of the ocean but they give life to 25% of all marine species in the world. The variety of life in coral reefs can be compared to the tropical forests of the Amazon or New Guinea (WWF, 2019). Coral Reefs are not only an environment but it is a living organism itself. The gardens of the ocean provide so much for the earth and humans, making it more precious than a pirate’s treasure. However, like animals, they lack a voice. Through this blog, I hope to share my knowledge about the coral reefs, the traumas it faces, how we can help and many more!

Have a great week ahead and Don’t wait till we grieve for the reef!

Best Regards, Bryan 🙂


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