ALSET Partners with National Taiwan Normal University to Promote Learning Sciences Research

Prof Bernard Tan (left), Senior Vice Provost at NUS, and Prof Joyce Chao-Chen Chen (right), VP of Academic Affairs at NTNU, at the ALSET-NTNU discussions on education research.

On Mar 14, the Institute for Application of Learning Sciences and Educational Technology (ALSET) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) to support joint research efforts in the learning sciences between the two universities.

“NTNU is one of the world’s leading institutions for education research,” said Prof Robert Kamei, Associate Provost (Education) at NUS and founding director of ALSET. “This partnership represents an exciting step in our broader efforts to establish NUS as a regional hub for learning sciences research and innovation.”

The MOU was signed by Prof Robert Kamei, Associate Provost (Education) at NUS and founding director of ALSET at NUS, and Prof Chin-Chung Tsai, Chair Professor and Dean in the Program of Learning Sciences, School of Learning Informatics at NTNU.

The signing ceremony and related discussions, which took place at NUS, included delegations from both universities. On the NTNU side, it included representatives from the School of Learning Informatics, an academic department offering undergraduate and graduate programmes related to the learning sciences, and the Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Sciences, which focuses on research in science education, digital learning technologies, learning analytics, and educational neuroscience.

Prof Bernard Tan, Senior Vice Provost at NUS, and Prof Joyce Chao-Chen Chen, Vice President for Academic Affairs at NTNU, also participated.

Representatives from NUS and NTNU gather to discuss joint research opportunities in the learning sciences.

“ALSET is delighted to partner with NTNU in strengthening research exchange in higher education that evolves from Asia,” said Fun Man Fung, Assistant Director (Education) at ALSET and Academic Coordinator for the partnership. “It will be groundbreaking to conduct joint research in the learning sciences and education technology between the two islands, more importantly so as our student profiles are culturally similar.”

These discussions uncovered multiple joint research opportunities. Both NUS and NTNU, for example, have research programmes dedicated to exploring the relationship between student performance and employment outcomes. By sharing information on analytic techniques and results, both universities stand to improve the accuracy of their data and generate insights about the behaviours and mindsets that best prepare students for successful careers.

“Though this is just an initial step, it is very important for both institutes,” said Dean Tsai. “We share common research interests which can jointly contribute to the field–I hope this MOU creates a shared platform for faculty members, researches, and students in both institutes to conduct advanced study by joint efforts.”