ALSET Opens Registration for Ace of Coders 2018 Competition

Students practice their coding skills at the National Coding Championships, another ALSET-led event for aspiring coders in Singapore.

On Oct 3, ALSET opened registration for Ace of Coders 2018, an annual coding competition open to all secondary, junior college, and polytechnic students in Singapore. Students can register now at this link.

As in previous years, the competition will start with students playing a short online coding game that helps develop and hone basic coding skills. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to give it a try. Completing the first level requires only three lines of code and approximately 15 minutes of time. 

After the first level, students have an opportunity to build their skills further as they work through progressively more complex coding challenges. Teams from the top-participating schools will then be invited to competed in the live finals, an eSports-style event that will be held on November 10 at NUS.

Hosted in collaboration with the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA), the competition is now in its 5th year. Each year, more than a thousand students from across Singapore participate. 

As coding skills become increasingly important for success in virtually every domain of work and life, this competition provides an exceptional opportunity for students to get their feet wet in computer science. It also helps ALSET, a learning sciences and educational technology research institute at NUS, to conduct research on how to improve technology education and increase diversity in the STEM disciplines.

More details on how to register can be seen in the video below. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Hartman for more information.