ALSET Completes First Course on Learning Science for Working Adults

On April 19, the Institute for the Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology (ALSET) celebrated the completion of ALS1010CP – Learning to Learn Better, its first course on learning science for working adults. The course attracted over 80 participants, suggesting considerable demand for formal instruction in the basic principles of how we learn, choose, and think.

Similar to our undergraduate course on learning science, which was successfully piloted in 2017 and offered as a for-credit module for NUS undergraduates in 2018, ALS1010CP provided essential knowledge and practical strategies to help working adults learn in the most efficient, productive, and enjoyable manner possible. This cultivates the skills to remain competitive in a rapidly changing job market and an increasingly complex world.

These outcomes are in line with the broader workforce goals of the Singapore government and the National University of Singapore (NUS), which both launched initiatives to encourage lifelong learning in recent years. These initiatives seek to ensure that Singaporeans are constantly learning, innovating, and growing at all stages of life.   

ALS1010CP was offered through the NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE), a new institution that supports working adults and employers to create lifelong learning opportunities. It provides part-time degrees, modular certificate courses, executive development programs, and free or discounted classes for NUS alumni. The course was also supported by the NUS Science Library, which provided space for the classes and help with facilitation. 

A blended learning experience, ALS1010CP included 12 short instructional videos on key concepts in learning science, including self-motivation, goal setting, self-organizing, practice, repetition, spacing, interleaving, making connections, collaboration, and managing sleep. It also included reflective tasks and small group seminars that inspired deep engagement with the material.

To ensure that the key concepts from ALS1010CP would be applied in daily life, the 6-week course concluded with an individual project that required participants to develop an action plan for using the principles of learning science in their professional work.

Another benefit for the participants was the opportunity to meet and build friendships with other professionals. “One of the main highlights for me was learning and networking with various professionals from numerous industries,” said one of the participants. “The course provided a common platform to share experiences in dealing with different situations.”

As lifelong learning becomes increasingly important for success in all walks of life, ALSET looks forward to developing and managing more classes, content, and initiatives to help people of all ages to learn more effectively. Visit our blog or follow us on Facebook for periodic updates on our progress.

Founded in 2016, ALSET’s mission is improve education through the application of learning science and education technology. The Institute conducts original research on learning science, technology, and pedagogy; promotes novel and entrepreneurial projects that improve learning outcomes; and works to ensure that the latest research and learning technologies have broad impact, both at NUS and also in the broader education community.