ALSET Updates Website to Reflect Progress in AY2017/2018

As we come to the close of AY2017/2018, we are pleased to announce several significant updates to the ALSET website. These updates reflect continued growth in our research capabilities and showcase new programs that we launched over the past semester.

One major addition to our website is a searchable directory of all the researchers who are currently affiliated with ALSET. We now have over 25 researchers from across the university and other partner institutions. Our researchers come from a diverse array of backgrounds, making us one of the most interdisciplinary institutes of our kind.

Our new website also provides further information about our research program, which is divided into four research themes: Economics, Teaching and Learning Excellence, Social and Networks Analysis, and Neuroscience. ALSET researchers are organized according to four levels of faculty appointment, each receiving different benefits from the institute.

One of those benefits is access to the ALSET Educational Data Lake, a powerful resource for learning science and education technology researchers. The Data Lake aggregates information from across the university on student backgrounds, behaviors, and outcomes. Check out our Research page for more information about the data lake and other benefits available to ALSET researchers.

On top of our research efforts, we will continue to offer courses that provide formal instruction in the basic principles about how we learn, choose, and think. These will be featured on our Education page, which currently showcases Learning to Learn Better (LTLB), a new ALSET course that examines research and longstanding wisdom from the field of learning science. Following a successful LTLB pilot in 2017, we recently completed for-credit classes on learning science for NUS undergraduates and alumni, and will be developing new courses throughout the year.

As in 2017, we will also continue to run events and programs to promote innovation in education, which we will feature on our Innovation page. This includes academic workshops, student hackathons, policy roundtables, and other initiatives. We look forward to working with innovation programs within NUS and others in industry, government, and academia.

Our website links to our blog and Facebook page, where we will regularly post updates about our progress. We will also periodically publish profiles of our researchers and staff. To date, we have published Q&A’s with Bob Kamei, ALSET’s founding director; Tuan Q. Phan, our research lead on social and networks analysis; Teck Kiang Tan, our statistics lead; and Fun Man Fung, a member of ALSET’s core faculty and a passionate proponent of innovative videography in education.

To help us expand our footprint in AY2018/2019 and beyond, we are looking for great people to join our team, so please check out our Jobs page for more information on open positions. At present, we have openings for various research and administrative positions. To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to alsbox1 {at} nus {dot} edu {dot} sg.

Founded in 2016, ALSET’s mission is improve education through the application of learning science and education technology. The Institute conducts original research on learning science, technology, and pedagogy; promotes novel and entrepreneurial projects that improve learning outcomes; and works to ensure that the latest research and learning technologies have broad impact, both at NUS and also in the broader education community.