30X30:Our Hunger for Food Security

The story of food security in Singapore


I still love eating – who doesn’t? After 11 weeks of looking at the food production scene in Singapore and beyond, I have come to appreciate many tiny details along the way. It was interesting to see how this topic of food security touched on what I have learnt this semester – not just in […]

Beyond Singapore: reflections on global food security

Hi everyone, welcome back. Last week, I was part of the World Organisation of the Scouting Movement (WOSM) team that took part in the takeover of the UN Youth Envoy’s social media accounts. I chose to talk about food security amidst global warming, and this comprised Instagram Stories as well as a written opinion piece. […]

Beyond 30by30: a glimpse into the future of food production in Singapore

Hi everyone, welcome back! So far, we’ve been looking at the 30by30 goal and how it would affect food production in Singapore in the immediate future. But what about beyond 2030? Will it be a high tech (u/dys)topia, and what role would more conventional farms play? As Alicia mentioned in her post, cell-cultured meat products […]

A Producer’s Perspective: Barramundi Asia

“Be woke and conscious about how we can all be more sustainable and live in greater harmony with nature.” – James Kwan, Chief Marketing Officer, Barramundi Asia Hi everyone, welcome back. While we have examined the 30by30 plan so far, this has been mostly from the viewpoint of a consumer. There may certainly be blind […]

SG Fresh Produce III : Limitations (and Laksa?)

Hi everyone, welcome back to the last instalment on SG Fresh Produce. I’ll be moving into a case study of sorts next week. As mentioned previously, this post will be about the limitations of the SG Fresh Produce scheme. Starting off with the SGFP logo, not everyone liked it as much as I did. The […]

SG Fresh Produce II : Eye on the Price

Hi everyone, welcome back. As mentioned in the last blog post, I conducted a survey at the start of September to get an idea about what my friends felt about food security. I realised that most respondents were not too familiar with the various local farms in Singapore. I asked respondents to list as many […]

SG Fresh Produce

Hi everyone, welcome back. Today, we are looking into efforts to support local produce. Before we look into the current measures, let’s take a quick look at what has been done before. In 1971, Singapore took part in the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation’s coin programme, which started in 1966 and saw around 100 […]

Our three food baskets

Hi everyone, hope you had a fruitful recess week. We learnt about the current state of food production in Singapore last week. Keeping in mind that local food production is planned to meet only 30% of our nutritional demands, what are the strategies to ensure that the remaining 70% is secure? The 30by30 plan is […]

Fish, Leafy Vegetables and Eggs

Hi everyone, welcome back 🙂 For a quick recap, we learnt about the agriculture scene in Singapore since the 40s, and how food security is not a new concept. So where does that bring us today? Before I started this blog, I did a quick survey about what my friends (around three quarters were BES […]

our food production history

“To understand the present and anticipate the future, one must know enough of the past. Enough to have a sense of the history of the people. One must appreciate not merely what took place but more especially why it took place and in that particular way. That is true of individuals, as it is for […]

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