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End of semester recycling for Ridge View Residence

Settiing up collection bulk bins for Ridge View Residences to recycle

Settiing up collection bulk bins for Ridge View Residences to recycle

Filled with paper at the end of the semester

Filled with paper at the end of the semester

As Ridge View Residences did not have its own bin centres, it becomes an challenge when their residents move out. Thus now we set a temporary location to collect recyclables so that Veolia can come and pick it up directly. Being located at Ridge View itself, it will also facilitate the housekeeping staff to recycle.

Charitable Recycling

Charitable Recycling is a collaboration between NUSSU SAVE Zer0Waste and South West Community Development Council (SWCDC). The idea was mooted to take add more ‘flavor’ to the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – that is, charity. With this, the community practices both conservation of natural resources and helping the needy, with just 1 simple act – recycling.

This initiative was started in 2009, which saw many in the NUS community coming forward to donate their recyclables. Encouraged by the response, this project has continued in 2010, gathering a total of 186kg and 167kg of recyclables in January and December respectively.The funds from selling the recyclables will go to the needy students in the South West Constituency.

This project is divided into into two components:
1. PGP Charitable Recycling
2. Campus -wide Charitable Recycling  
Collection of unwanted clothes from the PGP residents was done from 27th Nov to 10th Dec. Goods were collected by a vendor appointed by South West Community Development Council (SWCDC)who sold them to contractors and were shipped to third world countries. Funds raised will be directed to 600 needy students from ITE College West.

PGP Charitable Recycling

We have collected a total of 167 kg of clothes and we thank the residents of PGP for making this project a success.

Campus -wide Charitable Recycling
The collection of unwanted clothes and electronic waste from NUS students and staff will be done from 24th Jan to 26th Jan. Currently there are no recycling points on campus for electronic waste and clothes, hence this provides an avenue for the students and staff to recycle these two categories of recyclables.
Goods collected will be consolidated and collected by Yok Impex and Tes-Amm, which are vendors appointed by South West Community Development Council (SWCDC). Funds raised will be directed to 900 needy students from ITE College West and 75 trainees from MINDS Clementi.

CNY recycling-international paper size

Collection will be done around campus from 24th Jan to 26th Jan 10am to 1pm in the following places.
1)Walkway outside central library
2)Faculty of engineering – LT6 foyer
3)Faculty of Science – outside student hub
4)Business canteen
We would like all of you to make your contribution and help us in our goal to help out the needy as well as making our environment a better place to live in.

Exam Recycling AY0910 Semester 1

ZeroWaste-Exams Sem1 Ay0910

Following the last exam papers recycling, this time we do not use the green bulk bins at all now but proper paper reycling bins that are blue. I do hope that we don’t see the amount of rubbish like we did the last time.

Following the “>last exam paper recycling,
Lesson 1 of not using green bulk bin learned.

Lesson 2 of not installing so many paper recycling bins – half learned. I didn’t intend to make do with only one 330L and two 120L paper recycling bins, I wanted to have one for each MPSH but surprisingly, the old 330L paper recycling bin we left there the last time is gone!!

Lesson 3: Poster on the wall. I want to put up the poster but Abu said SRC will not allow. This really got me mad but I didn’t want to spend disproportionate amount of time fighting the system. Besides, we learnt from the last time that there aren’t much notes recycling as well.

We see if there will be more collection this time.
However, I think the biggest improvement that we did to the system was to have a “>spoke and hub.

Previously, Abu and his team of housekeepers will just throw the papers from the exam halls away. Now, we manage with Veolia to have a temporary pick up point at MPSH.

Follow up on Paper Recycling for Exam Halls.

Last year, through locating paper recycling bins (may-2008-exam-recycling-experience), 109 kg for paper was collected over the exam period. It is good but still not impressive, considering that thousands of students had their exams over that 2 week period. For Open House, we are probably able to collect much more recyclables (bottles and cans) over the 2 days.

This time, the collection is much worse as seen in the photos:

mpsh-1 paper collection in bulk bin

mpsh-2 paper recycling

mpsh-2 paper recycling

mpsh-5 exams paper recycling

mpsh-5 exams paper recycling

mpsh-6 paper recycling exams

mpsh-6 paper recycling exams

After walking the ground on 2 separate occasions and talking to Abu, here are some lessons:

1. Although an email circular was sent out with the photo of the bulk bin, bulk bin just doesn’t reconcile with the students for recycling.

2. Abu still requires one or two bulk bins for him to recycle the paper collected from the exam invigilators. Although, they have been collecting the paper but they have not been recycling them.

What should we do next exam:

1. Have 1-2 bulk bins for Abu to recycle papers from exam invigilators. Can double up as recycling points for students.

2. Couple above with the current paper recycling bins at MPSH (2 sets). No need to deploy more as recycling rate of notes after exams is rather low. Maybe students do not want to part with them.

3. Most importantly, site the recycling bins/points with a poster above them. It is not enough to have it on the bin itself.

Poster above bin 2008

Poster above bin 2008

Recycle your Exam notes 09! Campus and Halls.

Last year experiment and report by Su Ming for May 2008 stated that narrow recycling bins with slits are the best bins to prevent contamination.  Sadly, we have been zealous in deploying our bins so we have none to spare this year. Let’s hope the photo of the bin inside the poster will help.  Things done this year:

  • With the help of OED, bulk bins were made available for students to recycle their unwanted notes.
  • A photo of the actual bulk bin used was inserted into the poster.  Will it be useful?
  • Message of the Day for students.  Useful?
  • An email was also sent out to the exam invigilators. Did it reach?

Anyway, May 2008, only 6.1kg of paper were collected. Let’s see the results this year!

On the halls areas, as bulk bins were already purchased for them in the past, we only provided them with the recyclers contact and the posters that we used.   We also offered our services to modify the posters.  Is it enough? Or such services is just simply lame?

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