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A chronicle of waste minimisation and recycling in NUS

Author: shaoyuemeng

Another round of PGP Charitable Recycling!

After the Campuswide Charitable Recycling, another round of PGP Charitable Recycling was held in early May. Thanks to the joint effort of 0Waste committee members, PGP Resident Assistants and NUSSU SAVE main committee, OES and all the supporting students and staff from PGP, the event was another big success!

Within 11 days, we have collected 454kg of used clothes, almost trippled the amount of the previous PGP Charitable recycling!

We should always remember the hard work behind the success of the event and keep it up!

Please continue to support our event and let’s help the charity while recycling:D



Campus Wide Charitable Recycling

Collection of unwanted clothes and
electronic waste was done from
24th Jan to 26th Jan at four
collection points in NUS. Response
was brisk and we collected items
ranging from old laptop computers
to mobile-phones from a decade
ago. A total of 461 kg of clothes
and 198kg of electronic waste were

Collection of unwanted clothes and electronic waste was done from 24th Jan to 26th Jan at four collection points in NUS. Response was enthusiastic and we collected items ranging from old laptop computers to mobile-phones, some which were over a decade old! A total of 461 kg of clothes and 198kg of electronic waste were collected.



We thank everyone who has contributed to this project :). We request you to continue supporting us in our future endeavorers .

Charitable Recycling

Charitable Recycling is a collaboration between NUSSU SAVE Zer0Waste and South West Community Development Council (SWCDC). The idea was mooted to take add more ‘flavor’ to the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – that is, charity. With this, the community practices both conservation of natural resources and helping the needy, with just 1 simple act – recycling.

This initiative was started in 2009, which saw many in the NUS community coming forward to donate their recyclables. Encouraged by the response, this project has continued in 2010, gathering a total of 186kg and 167kg of recyclables in January and December respectively.The funds from selling the recyclables will go to the needy students in the South West Constituency.

This project is divided into into two components:
1. PGP Charitable Recycling
2. Campus -wide Charitable Recycling  
Collection of unwanted clothes from the PGP residents was done from 27th Nov to 10th Dec. Goods were collected by a vendor appointed by South West Community Development Council (SWCDC)who sold them to contractors and were shipped to third world countries. Funds raised will be directed to 600 needy students from ITE College West.

PGP Charitable Recycling

We have collected a total of 167 kg of clothes and we thank the residents of PGP for making this project a success.

Campus -wide Charitable Recycling
The collection of unwanted clothes and electronic waste from NUS students and staff will be done from 24th Jan to 26th Jan. Currently there are no recycling points on campus for electronic waste and clothes, hence this provides an avenue for the students and staff to recycle these two categories of recyclables.
Goods collected will be consolidated and collected by Yok Impex and Tes-Amm, which are vendors appointed by South West Community Development Council (SWCDC). Funds raised will be directed to 900 needy students from ITE College West and 75 trainees from MINDS Clementi.

CNY recycling-international paper size

Collection will be done around campus from 24th Jan to 26th Jan 10am to 1pm in the following places.
1)Walkway outside central library
2)Faculty of engineering – LT6 foyer
3)Faculty of Science – outside student hub
4)Business canteen
We would like all of you to make your contribution and help us in our goal to help out the needy as well as making our environment a better place to live in.

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