OED supervisors as well as housekeeping contractors invited

OED supervisors as well as housekeeping contractors invited

Learning from previous experiences, this time as we look at introducing another new recycling initiative, we not only involved the OED supervisors who managed the housekeeping companies but also the housekeeping companies supervisors themselves!

Back to the story, anyway, after our success in recycling raising the paper, plastic and cans recycling from 60 tonnes in AY 08/09 to 320 tonnes in A 10/11. There is a new challenge to tackle the source of paper in offices: Something like this that is practised in Yale as well as Republic Polytechnic.

Recycle Bins paired with trash bin in republic poly

It was a great idea to involve the housekeeping supervisors as initially i offered them these 3 options:

1. Set aside one clearing session of a day of a week to just clear recyclables. ( e.g Wednesday afternoon)
a. Housekeepers clear our trash bin twice a day. Set aside one session of a day of the week where the housekeepers clear the paper recycling receptacles but not the trash bins.
2. Have the housekeepers to clear both the recycling receptacle and trash bin
a. Note: most of the housekeepers are elderly.
3. Have staff to clear the small paper recycling receptacles themselves.
a. Issue every staff with a small paper recycling receptacle and put up more big paper recycling boxes.

I though that option 1 was the best option as it didn’t increase the workload of the housekeepers. To my surprise, they totally rejected option 1. They felt that users would not understand and will still request them to clear rubbish bin if there was food waste.

I am just so glad to have involved them in the discussion!

Marcus Tay