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Paper recycling boxes ended up inside trash bin at FOE



Our intern Rama spotted at Block E1 and Block E1A on 12-07-2011 that trash bins were placed inside the paper recycling boxes.

The paper recycling boxes were issued as part of an initiative between FOE and OES to facilitate staff to recycle.

Apparently after some time, someone or the housekeeping has ignored such an initiative and simply used the paper recycling boxes as an additional base for the trash bin!

Now, this case has been brought to attention and rectified. The worry is now that because the housekeepers were not bought into the inititative, they will clear the contents of both receptacles as general waste even though the paper recyclables and general waste are segregated into the different receptacles!

Marcus Tay signing off

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  1. I’ve seen such issue with dust bin in many companies. There was this HR office which we audited and found to have 18 dust bin place in the office. When i question why so many? and the reply i got was ” to facilitate disposing of rubbish”. But than again i am thinking aren’t we encouraging staff to create rubbish and waste paper? A different approach surely is required.

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