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Letter to Subway to encourage them not to give plastic bags mindlessly.

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Having a Subway outlet at Yusof Ishak House (YIH) is really a blessing to many of the staff and students of National University of Singapore.

I like the fact that you guys open till really late about 9pm and is often the few remaining food outlets at that time because most of the canteens on campus closes by 7.30pm. Furthermore, as a staff after a evening of workout, having a healthy Subway is my preferred way to end my exercise day on the right note even though my favourite is Chicken Teriyaki ( which is actually not the most healthy, hahaha)

Perhaps, the YIH Subway may like to consider the following to make your operations even better!

I noticed that YIH Subway give out plastic bag for every customer. Perhaps this is because it is not a sit in operations like other Subways where customers can use their own trays. However, many of the customers do consume their Subs in the sitting area right outside the YIH Subway. This meant that lots of Subway customers used the plastic bags for a distance of less than 5 m before throwing it away. This is just such an awful waste.

Perhaps, the YIH Subway staff would like to ask every customer if they need a plastic bag before giving one or perhaps YIH Subway can leave the plastic bags outside for customers to take themselves just like how we help ourselves to serviettes.

I can really see how this can cuts that Subway operating cost, effectively saving money for subway while saving the planet at the same time.

I will really love to have a healthy planet along with a healthly meal at the same time!

Marcus Tay


  1. “I can really see how this can cuts that Subway operating cost”

    no u can’t. plastic bags cost peanuts.

  2. oesmtgh

    September 5, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    Agree that it costs peanuts. Peanuts that Subway has got no need to pay for at all. But sure, it is Subway’s choice to pick this low lying fruit.

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