After much delay, we have finally embarked on our zone walkabout once again:
– review the locations of current recycling bins, removing those that are not near any vending machines or eateries.
– Reviewing the locations suggested by users, adding those neccessary.
– and most interestingly, removing trash bins.

Yes, as we keep increasing the number of recycling bins at locations where one can find vending machines, we do not want to blindly increase the workload of the housekeeping staff.

Therefore, we aim to remove excess trash bins that are located within sight of each other, especially at areas where there are no high traffic flow. All in all, for Zone 3, we are removing 7 trash bins.

William did an excellant job planning the route ( see image) , combing all the current locations and suggested locations in a seamless path. Great Job!!! To do that, he had to walk one time before our actual walkabout.

Zone 3 walkabout map

Zone 3 walkabout map

Great Job, we can’t wait to finish all the zones walkabout – put in the new bins, fix up the NUS staff Club bin centre.

After that, I think we should finally finish our recycling work and it will just be maintainance work!

Marcus Tay