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Alternative Collection Points for Charitable Recycling

To all Zerowaste members, congrats to the completion of our Campus-Wide Charitable Recycling! And thank you every participant for bringing down your recyclables to our booths for donation! A post-event write-up of the project will be posted soon. 🙂

However, I have also received feedback that quite a number of people missed the time that we set for this round of collection. Due to manpower constrain and some logistics matters, we are sorry that we are unable to extend the collection period or hold another round of collection in NUS so soon.

Nonetheless, you may wish to bring down your recyclables to the collection points of our collaborator, South West Community Development Council on the first Sunday of the month. (except weekly Hong Kah North collection points)  Thanks!


And we will also be doing another round of small-scale collection in PGPR targeted at PGPR residents at the end of the semester after the exam week by integrating with PGPR RA’s pass-it-on program. Thus, if you miss this round of campus-wide collection, you may check our blog for further updates on the next PGPR collection and drop your unwanted items at our collection points in PGPR! 🙂

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  1. I would like to know the collection timing at the constituencies. Thanks.

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