It is a continuous work to remind and reeducate staff to maintain the proper standards of recycling bins.

After installing new bins, we often have to monitor the situation and then get all our landscaping/housekeeping supervisors and remind them that we are watching!!

Dr Peck and some of us go around snapping photos to later show to our landscaping/housekeeping vendors.

The powerpoint of all the photo records at Google Doc!

Actually in our briefing, we issue the following manual to the supervisors

Recycling Instructional Manual 100517

Hence, at the end of the day, it is getting people to follow instructions. Perhaps, if we had included everyone in the decision making process right at the beginning. Maybe we will do less policing work?

But such policing work has proven to work although it is tiresome. After repeated reminders, the landscaping contractors now no longer has simple mistakes with our recycling bins of covers being upside down etc.

It really takes time to bring about real systemic change.

It is not as easy as you design the system and things just get done. It will be good to involve stakeholders involved right at the beginning.