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New Recycle Bins


old recycble bins


new recycble bins







The new recycle bins which have been recently installed in the bus stops in the Kent Ridge Campus. Some of the important changes made in the new recycle bins when compared to the old ones are

  1. The common round shape has been changed into D shape with straight sides. This is because the old round bins have the issue of not being aligned correctly and the labels on the body of the bins are not facing the users. When the bins have straight side, the recycling bins are always facing forward and facing the users. This is applying the concept of Poka Yoke mistake proofing. Instead of having to always remind the housekeeping staff to have the bins face forward, this design change removes this human error.
  2. The wordings in the new bin appear in horizontal manner with an eligible size compared to the old ones which are in vertical manner. This facilitates users to read the labels.
  3. The labelling in the bin is a printed directly with the body of the bins as compared to previously where we had to make the stickers seperately. .
  4. The new bins are longer (50 cm) and taller (100 cm) compared to the old ones.
  5. The new labels are “Clean paper, Empty Cans, Empty plastics”. More importantly, the new labels for trash bins will be “Non recyclables” instead of “trash” to encourage/ involve people to recycle.

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  1. I love your new solutions to the conventional recycle bins, especially on the huge photo and large font size. The idea of having a D shape recycle bin is so simple that i think has never been done in many countries. Great job!

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