Check out by Dr Peck on 5th May 2010

YIH Checkout by Dr Peck
Same check out by Dr Peck on 8th May 2010

Check out by Marcus Tay on 130510
YIH check out on 130510

As you can see in the photos, the situation seems to get worse and worse as the days past since our last walkabout.

Together with another checkout of the Science Bin centre, it seems that Spoke and Hub is almost a complete failure.

We have achieved:
1. Recycling of cartons from canteens = get into NUS data, that previously may have ended up in any rag and bone or in the trash
2. Increase recycling of vegetable metal oil cans and plastic bottles for sauces which definitely have ended up in the trash previously.


The housekeepers or whoever are still not collecting the plastic and cans from the recycling bins and throwing them into the bulk bins for recycling.

They are either being thrown away as trash or sold on their own.

Next thing to work on: people motivation.