On March 24th, we went to check out the following hubs to better address issues of:
– cartons are not flatten
– cans and plastics are not recycled

Sites visited:
– Engineering Canteen
– YIH Canteen
– Engineering workshop
– Staff Club Bin Centre

Engine Canteen
The purpose is also to bring together housekeeping supervisors, canteen vendors so that personnel under Retail and Dining, Estate Maintainence can meet face to face to solve issues. We also very lucky to have Mr Ismail from Veolia to join us as well and give us their inputs

Engine Canteen workabout

Despite the cartons looking well packed for this visit:
Well stacked cartons at Engineering

We understand that this is not the norm.

Cans and Plastic recycling bulk bin in Engn

There are still rubbish inside the plastic and cans recycling bulk bins.

– Try out Metal Cabinet to replace bulk bins. The hope is that being higher in height, we can fit more cartons. It is also because bulk bins are tapering in shape, hence not so suitable for cartons. Engineering Canteen Height: 2.3m, so the metal cabinet height can only be about 1.8m

– After we get the new equipment in, we need to put up all the posters about only using Veolia as ONLY recycler. According to canteen vendors, there are other recyclers who come and empty the cans.
– After the equipment and posters, we will gather all stakeholders : Canteen, MacDonald, Housekeepers. No one is to claim anymore that they are not aware that recyclables should be properly collected and be picked up by Veolia.
– We also need to explore if Veolia can pick up only in the afternoon where the cartons have culminated. This is probably not possible cause Veolia have to go other places to collect in the morning.

YIH Canteen:

Dr Peck in talk with YIH Canteen Owner Tracey

We still see trash in the organic food waste bin.
Approach has to be similar to Engin canteen – all equipment ready, poster up, then get all vendors so that they stop finger pointing at each other.

Possible location for sercurity camera at YIH

We have also identified a possible location for the sercurity camera, though I feel this is a very heavy investment just to prevent illegal dumping as well as improper disposal of recyclables

Summary improvement:

1. YIH needs lots of Chinese labels cause lots of chinese workers

2. Stakeholders – OSA, Munchie Monkey, COOP, Post office, Cheers, Subway, Old Chang Kee,

3. 2 more yellow bulk bins for cans and plastics due to yellow vegetable cans.

Staff Club
Site location for drain cover to create space for another bulk bin

Another location to install drain cover so that we can have  a bulk bin there

Another location to install drain cover so that we can have a bulk bin there

Staff Club decisions:
– need to fix up the drains and set up the bulk bins.
– then gather all the stakeholders – Staff Club, Great Wall of China Cafe