Zerowaste is possible!

A chronicle of waste minimisation and recycling in NUS

Recent studies of FoE Recycling bins

 A group of students from GEK1052 Community Service and Social Action did a study on the contamination of recycling bins in FoE and sort to tackle the it.

Here are some of their main findings:

Common contaminants

– For Plastic Bottle recycling bins located near the vending machines, paper cups were the main contaminant found. This could indicate that users may wish to recycle, however paper cup recycling is not accepted hence they throw their used cups into the plastic bottle bins instead.

– Plastic Drink Cups were also commonly found.

After checking with Mr Ismail of our new recycling vendor Veolia, we can recycle both the paper cups as well as the plastic drink cups. However the paper cups should not be thrown in paper recycling bin because it will contaminate the other better grades of paper.

So the next improvement that we will be doing is to have paper cups and plastic drink cups to be collected in plastic recycling bins.


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  1. Singapore is still not up to standard when doing recycling . Example in hospitals , clinics, cinemaes, food counts, coffee shop, shopping malls………dun see any recycling bins been place in these area.

    Hope Singapore government to enforce on the recycling like Japan.

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