ZeroWaste-Exams Sem1 Ay0910

Following the last exam papers recycling, this time we do not use the green bulk bins at all now but proper paper reycling bins that are blue. I do hope that we don’t see the amount of rubbish like we did the last time.

Following the “>last exam paper recycling,
Lesson 1 of not using green bulk bin learned.

Lesson 2 of not installing so many paper recycling bins – half learned. I didn’t intend to make do with only one 330L and two 120L paper recycling bins, I wanted to have one for each MPSH but surprisingly, the old 330L paper recycling bin we left there the last time is gone!!

Lesson 3: Poster on the wall. I want to put up the poster but Abu said SRC will not allow. This really got me mad but I didn’t want to spend disproportionate amount of time fighting the system. Besides, we learnt from the last time that there aren’t much notes recycling as well.

We see if there will be more collection this time.
However, I think the biggest improvement that we did to the system was to have a “>spoke and hub.

Previously, Abu and his team of housekeepers will just throw the papers from the exam halls away. Now, we manage with Veolia to have a temporary pick up point at MPSH.