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Follow up on Paper Recycling for Exam Halls.

Last year, through locating paper recycling bins (may-2008-exam-recycling-experience), 109 kg for paper was collected over the exam period. It is good but still not impressive, considering that thousands of students had their exams over that 2 week period. For Open House, we are probably able to collect much more recyclables (bottles and cans) over the 2 days.

This time, the collection is much worse as seen in the photos:

mpsh-1 paper collection in bulk bin

mpsh-2 paper recycling

mpsh-2 paper recycling

mpsh-5 exams paper recycling

mpsh-5 exams paper recycling

mpsh-6 paper recycling exams

mpsh-6 paper recycling exams

After walking the ground on 2 separate occasions and talking to Abu, here are some lessons:

1. Although an email circular was sent out with the photo of the bulk bin, bulk bin just doesn’t reconcile with the students for recycling.

2. Abu still requires one or two bulk bins for him to recycle the paper collected from the exam invigilators. Although, they have been collecting the paper but they have not been recycling them.

What should we do next exam:

1. Have 1-2 bulk bins for Abu to recycle papers from exam invigilators. Can double up as recycling points for students.

2. Couple above with the current paper recycling bins at MPSH (2 sets). No need to deploy more as recycling rate of notes after exams is rather low. Maybe students do not want to part with them.

3. Most importantly, site the recycling bins/points with a poster above them. It is not enough to have it on the bin itself.

Poster above bin 2008

Poster above bin 2008

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  1. Paper recycling is a good thing in now days.Because by recycling it,we can use it again and can save the money and environment also.
    Good post.

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