Zerowaste is possible!

A chronicle of waste minimisation and recycling in NUS

Recycle your Exam notes 09! Campus and Halls.

Last year experiment and report by Su Ming for May 2008 stated that narrow recycling bins with slits are the best bins to prevent contamination.  Sadly, we have been zealous in deploying our bins so we have none to spare this year. Let’s hope the photo of the bin inside the poster will help.  Things done this year:

  • With the help of OED, bulk bins were made available for students to recycle their unwanted notes.
  • A photo of the actual bulk bin used was inserted into the poster.  Will it be useful?
  • Message of the Day for students.  Useful?
  • An email was also sent out to the exam invigilators. Did it reach?

Anyway, May 2008, only 6.1kg of paper were collected. Let’s see the results this year!

On the halls areas, as bulk bins were already purchased for them in the past, we only provided them with the recyclers contact and the posters that we used.   We also offered our services to modify the posters.  Is it enough? Or such services is just simply lame?


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