Welcome to the  Green and Sustainable Transportation and Power Generation Lab @ NUS!

We are a research group led by Prof. Yang Wenming at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Our major area of research is in combustion, whereby we focus on four different aspects and applications:

  • Combustion process and emissions control of internal combustion (IC) engines fueled by various fuels such as biodiesel, syngas, methanol, ethanol, marine oil, fossil diesel and gasoline.
  • Development of the next generation IC engines with high efficiency and nearly zero soot and NOx emissions.
  • Combustion optimization and emissions control in four types of typical boilers: grate biomass boiler, pulverized coal boiler, CFB boiler as well as incinerator.
  • Microscale combustion and micro thermophotovoltaic power generators


You are welcome to browse around to find out more about us and don’t forget to write if you are interested in joining us!

Contact us:
Thermal Process Lab 1, 9 Engineering Drive 1, Engineering Block EA #05-50,
Singapore 117576
Tel : +65-6516-6481, Fax : +65-6779-1459