Women in Media Uniting to Bridge the Confidence Gap

While the issue of women in tech is widely discussed, another area, which would not patently be the topic for the gender discussion, is women in media. The Australian Business Review uncovers the role of women in the media market and highlights an important factor – confidence factor – determining gender balance in media, which can, actually, be defining women’s advancement in any area women are engaged in. Read the full article here.

WPLA marks International Women’s Day 2015

This year to mark the International Women’s Day, WPLA in collaboration with the LKYSPP Bridging Gender and Policy Group partnered with the leading tech companies to host a panel discussion. The event was widely attended by the students, staff and members of the public.

Photo Courtesy of Bridging GAP Group

The panel discussion focused on “Women Leaders in Technology: Why We Do What We Do?” and featured a panel of four remarkable women leaders from such tech companies as Microsoft, HP, Twitter and ConneXionsAsia.

  • Amelia Agrawal, Regional Director of OEM Marketing, Microsoft
  • Elizabeth Hernandez, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Asia Pacific & Japan, HP
  • Frederique Covington, International Marketing Director, Twitter
  • Rosaline Chow Koo, Founder and CEO, ConneXionsAsia

Dr. Astrid S. Tuminez was the moderator of the discussion.

The panelists shared their unique personal stories of how they achieved career success in the technology sector and the challenges they encountered along the way, whether the work-life balance is a myth, and how they contributed to the success of their companies.

One of the takeaways of the event relates to the risk women associate with the career in tech: “Are women less risk-taking, therefore less attracted to high-stakes tech industry? There is a steep learning curve that requires some confidence to take, not just in tech. Mentors need to convey to girls that it’s important to take risks.”


Photo Courtesy of Bridging GAP Group


Inspiring MenCare Video Provides Insight into Men’s Role in Promoting Gender Equity in the Region

This month, MenCare published a powerful video highlighting the important role men play in supporting gender equity in the Southeast Asian region. Through the story of Steven, a man who faces his challenges as the primary caregiver in his home, we learn the challenges and roadblocks face as caregivers in these societies.

Steven’s story provides a powerful account of his need to challenge stereotypes, perceptions and rigid role-divisions. As his wife leaves their native Sri Lanka and two children to pursue work abroad, Steven finds there is fulfillment in supporting his spouse and creating opportunities in his new-found role.

His story provides an excellent example of the benefits that can be achieved when men and women work towards supporting each other and their communities to achieve an equitable Asia.

For an extended version of the featured MenCare video, visit the Promundo link.